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  1. I really hate to be that guy, and I for one am hyped for the DLC no matter what, but (at least the rover arm) the science collection seems to be a delayed version of land and click science we currently have. To be clear: I'm not talking about the planet-side science parts. Those are a different matter. The rover arm does seem to be an update on conventional science instruments, but I feel like a limitation is that it can only be used on surface features (right?). Maybe you land, and use it, but to get to another surface feature it would be a long drive. Can it collect science from the surface? The reason I think this would be a shortfall is that with the real rovers that use this kind of equipment, there are surface features literally everywhere. Even assuming it can collect science from the ground as well as from surface features, that's two collections. Then it's another long drive to another biome / surface feature, which some more casual players might not want to invest time in. I admit, though, landing a rover on Val and actually driving it to every surface feature would be extremely profitable; based on the video it could maybe unlock the whole tech tree. So it seems to me that either the rover arm is an extended land and click science device, or a completely overpowered tech tree grinding machine.
  2. Check Strazenblitz’s jets to orbit; if you did it right, spin from the initial release could be utilized to circulation.
  3. That was always my problem - the hinges, no matter how much I tweaked them, would always be kraken-possessed. I also never saw any practical use for stock spinning stations, as (a) the spinning part was always a separate ship, meaning no transfer of crew was available, and (b) even with an artificial grav station, whenever you switch away from the vessel or timewarp the thing stops spinning. That is one thing I hope Squad changes at some point; it seems to me that it wouldn't be that hard to include the rotation in the craft file, so when you hop out of timewarp it spins just like it did before. I get that people use timewarp to stop crafts, so it would be nice if it could only do it for the robotic parts. That way you could have a spinning ring that would continue spinning whenever you reloaded the craft.
  4. Also the best we could do was a whole craft spinning, unless you misuse the claw or use stock hinges, which some people (like me) could never get the hang of.
  5. Is no one going to mention Stratzenblitz75's jets to orbit? Just figure out a way to launch it with a catapult and keep it oriented; it probably wouldn't work for atmospheric bodies, but maybe for something like Minmus...
  6. I actually sent a craft to practice docking, but I didn't realize that the Mk. 2 inline docking port was meant for spaceplanes, not just a cool futuristic look. Mk.2 docking port + Clamp-o-tron = ugly