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  1. Enjoy a totaly unasked for Gemini picture. Just a Lunar Gemini doing its thing being around the Mun.
  2. Finnneee, But just the ones I find good looking, OK?
  3. For me personally the thing glides nicely, Comes down safely most of the time unless I pitch up too late, The aerodynamics are fine for me.
  4. Neat little spaceplane, Flies great, The only thing I dont like is the fact that theres no adapter in the mod and the fact that its really hard to get on a rocket without flips.
  5. If you're trying to dock active docking ports to active docking ports, thats impossible. Active ports always dock retracted to passive ones. I hope this helps.
  6. @mcdouble Just wondering, Where did the Apollolab go in the latest version?
  7. That gamma centaur is quite facisnating. As for 6K avoinics, I'd recomend making it seperate to put on other 0.9375 or 0.625M stages. Oh and I decided to make a...list of recomended Vega parts (That arent the basic stage) 1.Extension tank (Already said but repeating,) 2.Maybe a mount variant with only one of those...tanks? 3.Dual engine mount for...reasons. REASONS.
  8. Tundra space centers LC-5 pad, With KSC extended to place it where it is (Launched into 17 degree inclination orbit)
  9. Juno-Mercury (More pictures in the spoiler) Juno IVB without 3rd stage does lift quite the payload...
  10. All I've really been using is a tweakscaled one: Quite litterally just a carbon copy of a Minerva 20 launcher from Kolymas shadow.
  11. Hmm.. The only change from the idea is some kerolox fuel because screw hypergolics And just to show that it has it... Sadly the nozzle extension only gives extra ISP right now.
  12. Just flew a V-2, Heres the results: The main engine doesnt have radial attachment and the engine has no sound Also, is it intended that the probe core runs out of eletricity mid-sub-orbital hop?
  13. Will there be an GLV style paint job? (With the black stripes at the bottom ) W-Wait hold on, is that an 3.125M DCSS!?
  14. My MOS Space Station. Has quite the story behind it: First it was the lower segment...some spantanous KAS combustion of the lower segment, one rescue later and its big now.
  15. I like the idea, although that sounds like alot of variants (Mostly for the kerolox Titan engines...for...something, IDK yet.) On another note, the difference between the kerolox sea level engine, and the vacuum one..they look ALMOST identical.
  16. I kick over the flags. My hill of fallen flags.
  17. I poke an flag in the Hill, somehow on the Mun now.
  18. Cool CEV! Reminds of alot of spaceplanes..... will it land with parachute or in spaceplane style?
  19. Those J-2s look...amazing, but i didnt know the inflatable nozzle would cause that nozzle size! Those saturn 1 engines look neat also..
  20. Interesting argument for LDC....also that J-2 on the left looks...decent. but the right one looks amazing!
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