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  1. Source of suggestion https://github.com/Starstrider42/Custom-Asteroids/issues/35
  2. Modders should by allowed to change (override) logic of asteroid spawn by SentinelModule. Curenly SentinelModule can spawn asteroids by avoiding standart way. Also its will be very helpful to document how exactly SentinelModule spawn asteroids to reproduce it in custom parts.
  3. Since annonce of upgrade to Unity 2019.2 and net 4.5 this thread can be considered completed.
  4. According this post there is some problems with 4.x dll`s. Currently i just wanted to know why in 2019 moddevs still should use 3.5. At this point @sumghai gave an exhaustive answer.
  5. Any plans for up NET Framework version from 3.5? Any reasons why it can't be done?
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