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  1. DMPServerMap An implementation of Telemachus Reborn's vessel map as a DMP server plugin, allowing users to view vessels on an interactive map. Download and Installation Instructions available here. Plugin The plugin obtains vessel data, such as the vessel's name, type, owner and permissions. Each vessel's position and velocity is taken from a slightly modified version of the VesselPositions plugin. Depending on how the plugin's config, it can either send the vessel data via a HTTP/S PUT request, or it can save it to a file. More information about the plugin config. Webpage The webpage, a modified version of Telemachus Reborn's map, which displays tiles from Temporary Kerbal Maps and Kerbal Maps. More information on the maps tiles used. The webpage obtains the server's vessel data via a URL saved in the config. Each vessel is placed on the map as markers, showing the vessel's name, position, velocity, altitude, owner, type and permissions. More information about the webpage config. Change Log The change logs are available here. License DMPServerMap is licensed under MIT.
  2. Thanks for responding, I have used the kittopia dumps, although it took a while to manually convert each value to a hex codes. If you want, I can send you the converted values. Here is Eeloo, for example: body: "eeloo", style: "biome", legend: { "Poles": "#ffffff", "Northern Glaciers": "#cacaca", "Lowlands": "#7ba3e7", "Highlands": "#d5dae1", "Ice Canyons": "#ffb663", "Craters": "#e08822", "Midlands": "#becee8", "Fragipan": "#ffcd94", "Babbage Patch": "#97b3e4", "Southern Glaciers": "#e0e0e0", "Mu Glacier": "#7c7c7c" }
  3. Is it possible for you to send me the legends? A bunch of screenshots or even a text file would be alright, I do not care what format it is in, as long as I can tell which biome is which. I have tried looking at the production server's code and while I have made some progress, it is really slow, since the legends seem to be taken from somewhere else via sockets, preventing me from just downloading the page and modifying variables. This limits what I can do a lot, slowing down progress. EDIT: After looking at it more, the socket returns an error response after the biomes are requested anyway. EDIT 2: I found and used the configs here instead: https://github.com/Kopernicus/kittopia-dumps/tree/master/Configs
  4. Thanks for clarifying some things, and for showing me an up-to date version of Kerbal Maps (It might be better for me to look into using the newer version instead, or at least start using some parts of it). I do not have any contact with the original owner, I contacted the person who hosted this site, but I did not even know that it was a re-upload at the time.
  5. I have been working on something that uses the map from this mod. At first I thought I was safe doing this, due to the fact that the mod is licensed under MIT. However, I have realised that the map appears to be a modified version of this site's map: https://ksp.deringenieur.net/. I have no idea if this also licensed under MIT or not, so I tried to contact the owner of the site, but I have been unable to access their contact page. I have been unable to find any other methods of contacting the owner, so I am asking here: Am I able to use and modify the map from this mod for something else, as long as I give credit? EDIT: I was able to access the contact page and they have responded saying that they are hosting a backup of the original maps site, which has been down for a long time.
  6. I have noticed blinking like in that video even at 1x speed. Although it does not happen often and I normally ignore it.
  7. No, I did not have firespitter installed, testing it again with firespitter works, but I might make a few changes (removing everything except for the info drive and I am planning to attempt to allow kerbals in eva to view, but not edit it)
  8. Thanks, I looked at the mod and although I was unable to get it to work (I could not interact with the part), it is probably the closest thing to what I want. Although, because I was unable to get it to work, I am starting to work on a mod instead.
  9. I have been unable to find any mod called B9 Disk Drive and looking at B9 Aerospace did not appear to have any part called a disk drive.
  10. Is there a mod that allows your ship to send a local broadcast which is picked up by other ships when they are in range. This broadcast would be a text window that can be accessed when the ship being piloted is within a certain range of a ship that is broadcasting. You can also modify the text being broadcasted. This would be really useful on a multiplayer server where there players can put up stations that really only have a name to identify/explain their purpose.
  11. Is it possible to have a server auto-private ships that have just been created by a player?
  12. +1 for mac support! I have seen some unity games that have dropped mac support for no apparent reason, I hope Star Theory does not do the same.
  13. Is there any way to stop debris from being removed, or increase the time it takes for it to be removed to something like an hour?
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