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  1. here is my design. if you decide to make this craft, offset 8 twitches into the adapter to get delta v. it is used for fuel and crew
  2. after looking back at the footage from the movie, apparently they were moving left and right on the ice ice close to the north pole could get thick enough that it could support a train that heavy
  3. the formal name for the cst-100 is starliner
  4. i do not know, either there is no rcs (which helps alot) or there is a part missing, probably a canard, or is it a crewed plane?
  5. You may want to buy the game from the developers, and also, how can i repeat this, if possible. hope i gets fixed, slav king
  6. the isp is the consumption of fuel. make it higher, the more fuel you have when you cut the engine.
  7. actually, the bug is with the the small rc 1.25 probe. the way to do most payloads now is to launch crew to a space station and then deploy the satellite.
  8. this problem has been fixed in the latest version. they have released 1.7 already.
  9. the transport craft was in a testing phase, like the real dragon 2.
  10. one of my recent craft testing had a engine not throttling down. the booster was attached, and all of controls failed. i let the engine burn out it's fuel. has anybody had this problem, because my crew in my space station are homesick. i do not have pictures. it was a rhino engine The kerbals also need more solar panels, and none of my ssto's can reach the station. jeb is on the station
  11. have your ascent stages been left on the surface of the planet or in orbit? in this challenge, you recover all the parts of the spacecraft, no SSTO's (except the booster, that's on you) the closest to the ksc is the winner. bonus points if the lander holds more than five kerbals. NO MODS, except if it makes the gameplay harder (do not land on the ksc buildings or you lose) let's see some pictures
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