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  1. So,the first system is done.Nice! Now you're making the second system,right?So could you give us some rough idea about that system,release date,etc...,plz?Thx.
  2. Hi,I just got an idea:add ruined cities,abandoned space station,alien spaceship remains,... Some kind of an advanced non-kerbal alien civilization's relic for us to explore.Thx! PS:If you can merge it with my last idea comment about thick jungle,that would be so awsome!
  3. Just a quick question:how far is this system will be from the stock system?
  4. Hi,in the future,could you consider making a thick jungle biome on one of your future planet,like Amazon jungle thick?i would love to see my poor Kerbals stuck on the tree and doing monkey stuff.
  5. Nice ship! What's the mod that you use to build this ship?
  6. Hey,nice photo dude! Question:Is that photo vanilla or modded?If so,what mod do you use?
  7. Hey, just a question:can this work with GPP? PS: Another question:how do i participate in the testing of GU?And is there a testing at all?
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