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  1. Okay, the previews are not bad. They are actually sometimes better then the movie you are seeing. It's the advertisements before the previews that go on for too long.
  2. So one of our kerbonauts in training were watching a famous youtuber that is known well around the community. While watching, the youtuber mentioned that you could probably finish the tech tree with just the moons in Kerbin, which the sparked his interest. He then asked the question of, "Can you complete the Tech Tree with just science from Kerbin?" This question soon spread to the highest administrators, C.E.Os, and, well, soon to me. Our contractors, scientists, and engineers are now arguing this question, wondering if traveling to space beyond a few hundred kilometers is complet
  3. I only said "Do it" because I could not leave anything blank, this is all just a joke. I'm sorry if it came off serious to you.
  4. Look, I'm not up to date with the companies and what just happened, and I have no clue why Squad was not teaming up with Take Two again in the first place.
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