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  1. I feel like only Gargamel can prove is someone posted NFSW on here
  2. Oh ._. Who would post NSFW in the lounge, more or less, the forums in General
  3. DM me on discord, I'm actually curious about the story
  4. Your proof checks out, good job on completing the "Soapy Wash" Contract. We're putting the achievement records in our," Stupid ways to get to Minmus " File
  5. After one of our managers watched Apollo 13, and heard the line: "If they can make a washing machine fly, my Jimmy can land it." He decided to take that very literal and got a guy to pay us too actually launch a washing machine shaped rocket. Of course, we decided to fire our designers for being lazy, so the forums is our designing team now, and you're not getting payed. Anyway, Here are the rules: Stock parts only: Making history and breaking grounds parts are allowed No cheat menu Every rocket must have atleast have one kerbal aboard Have fun Here are the contracts: Simple Wash Contract: Make a washing machine escape the atmosphere Advanced Wash Contract: Get a washing machine into orbit and return the kerbal alive in it, it does not have to return looking like a washing machine, but it has to look like a washing machine when getting into orbit. Luxury Wash Contract: Land a washing machine shaped lander on the Mun and return the kerbal home safe Soapy Wash Contract: Land a washing machine shaped lander on Minmus and return the kerbal home safe Quick Dry Contract: Land a washing machine shaped lander on Duna and return the kerbal home safe Laundry Mat Contract: Get a washing machine into orbit under 20k funds The,"I have nothing else better to do" Contract: Impress me Good luck!
  6. I will fix that. (Note: this story contains a really weird and kinda gross topic, you have been warned) When I went to a summer camp one year, there was this nice girl and everyone liked her, but she ran away now and then for no reason at certain moments, no seriously, she was in the middle of a game of ping pong and she ran away in the middle of it. A rumor started to get around that she wore diapers, but I thought it was false, because if she did, she would have gone in the nurse's cabin at least a few times, and no one ever saw her go in or out of it. The day before everyone leaves, a bunch of kids surrounded one of the girls cabin and apparently something bad was smelling in there, and wanted to know what it was. (Btw there were boys in the crowd too.) They find that the source of the smell is in a pink duffle bag, one of the counselors brings it out, and finds the girls name on the side of it. The counselor yells for the girl to come too her and dump her bag in front of everyone. (No one likes that counselor.) She dumped it out. And what came out shocked everyone. A rattle, a baby bottle, a pacifier, a small pack of diapers, and a used diaper. Everyone's jaw dropped. The counselor yelled at the already crying girl,"WHY DO YOU HAVE THIS?" The girl responds,"I like it.." A bunch of kids start laughing, most of them (including me) still has there jaw dropped, and for some weird reason, others doing baby talk to her. The girl left the camp a day earlier than everyone else, and I never saw her again It's kind of a shame, even though she likes that stuff, I would still be her friend, even though I'm not into that kinda stuff. She was a nice and sweet girl and I would stay friends with her no matter what. Well... if she asks me to do that kinda stuff... then our friendship would have a problem, but you know what I mean.
  7. I don't know if I should make a confused look or judgemental look after seeing this post
  8. I saw a chicken on a farm on a field trip and suddenly a plastic bag from kfc blew into his face. The bag probably came from the house next to the farm or from the road with a decent amount of liter, either way I was dying of laughter.
  9. I couldn't use it, I can't snap my fingers with my left hand
  10. I'm not talking about the N1 I'm talking about the Universal Rocket. Ok guys, I know direct accent is possible in reality, I know what the saturn 8 nova is, what I'm asking is it possible to properly fund such an enormous and powerful rocket. And if it is a practical to do direct accents instead of Apollo style or however other way you can land on the moon.
  11. I know the Soviets designed a spacecraft to do this, but it wasn't built do to funds. But is it actually possible to afford a direct accent mission to the moon, and if it is, do you think someone will actually use this method to get to th moon and back? Personally, I don't think they will, but I wanna see what you guys have to say about it.