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  1. Generally For launch: TWR>ISP Engines: all the rest not mentioned below For space maneuver: ISP>TWR Engines: Terrier, Ant, Poodle, Rhino, Nerv. Their thrust increase in vacuum as well SRB: for create a rocket looking like real one. Only improve your TWR during launch asparagus-staged booster: better than SRB but requires more time and fund to build
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try it if the bug happens again. My game mysteriously stopped spamming the message after I quick forwarded to the next morning. Now there is no message from deployed science at all in the message app but some "R&D: ..." on the screen and the frequency decreased to normal as well.
  3. Hi everyone. I have been playing the game for some time and build quite many rockets and spacecrafts. I wonder if there is a way to search things in the open model menu in VAB and hanger? Currently they seem to be only sorted by alphanumeric. I also hope the menu can display description as well. It there a mod for these kinds of thing?
  4. There was the same issue reported by someone on Jun. I reported the same issue for 1.7.2 stock game under this post on late June and received NO FEEDBACK. Now the same thing happens in 1.7.3 and it's getting worse. Before the update, the spamming comes by minute and now it's by seconds, even faster than my clicking!!!! This is getting ridiculous!!!!!! The game is unplayable with this issue. I hope devs fix this fast. Procedure to reproduce it 1. Setup science experiment on Mun. one controller, one seismic sensor, one antenna, three solar panel. 2. Drop something on Mun when the power is off to trigger seismic sensor. KSP version Breaking Ground version 1.2.0 Log and save file:
  5. I have the similar problem. Mine was triggered by seismometer detecting debris impact. And it shows some NaN% value. KSP version 1.7.2, DLC version 1.1.0 Mod: none Log file and save file:
  6. I don't think the game actually models a flap.The flap is more like an extra control surface. I find not using "flap" actually helps taking off. I use both RCS steering jet and control surface. RCS is good for early phase of reentry. When your altitude is low enough, control surface takes over.
  7. I tried this method. Didn't help with it. I think I will stay with Terrier for now.
  8. The delta V only displays the value based initial position of the engines. Moving them around the ship later does not change it.
  9. Thanks for the tip. I just forgot how to use a forum efficiently. It's been a long time since posting something in a forum to me
  10. I tried changing fuel priority, higher, lower, equal. None gave correct delta V. I found this happen on Thud engine. Using Terrier has no such issue.
  11. Hi, I just encountered a bug when trying to create a moon lander. The delta V calculation is not correct. KSP version: (WindowsPlayer x64) en-us What Happens: Delta V calculation shows wrong result when decoupler crossfeed is enabled Mods/Add-ons: All stock Steps to replicate: 1. Add parts in following order: Mk1-3 pod, decoupler, Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank, 2 Thud engine radially on the tank, decoupler, service bay, Rockomax X200-8 Fuel Tank 2. Enable crossfeed on the secound decoupler Result: Delta V calculation does not include the second tank. Screen capture:, Craft file: Moon Lander.craft Log file: