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    Drawing stuff (like KSP rockets and kerbals), crashing rockets and killing Kerbals (I SAID NOTHING)

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  1. Afterburner Featuring the new K-36E Advanced Terner from H2REAC.
  2. Okay, heres a question guys: do you want me to release the files for my suits now as a "mod"? I have 3 custom suits as of now (1 requires making history) and I plan to make a total of 6 suits. and also @Just Jim how did you make the icon? is it the same way as I did?
  3. Forgot to post a pic of "Kerbin Green" last time, so here you go! And also, "Desert Camo" looking good!
  4. HI guys, sorry for not being active recently as I was busy with school work. When I have time, I'll make my next suit which I'll call "Desert Camo". Hope you guys look forward to it! https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/195560-the-spacesuit-exchange-thread/&tab=comments#comment-3827723
  5. @Abducted_Cow Yes! Just change the suit of the kerbal(s) you want to toss on a rocket. I'm currently working on the "Kerbin Green" suit.
  6. @GuessingEveryDay The links are locked though: I need access permission from you.
  7. Thanks for inviting me here! Today, H2 Rocketery Enterprises And Co. (H2REAC), with Henrik Kerman here, presents to you our new custom-coloured space suit! Basically the "Sleek" (Vintage) space suit, but now with a new colour job. Yes, besides planes and rockets, we can now make custom-coloured suits! The "Black and Grey" suit has a simple black, grey and white colour scheme, but it makes the Sleek suit look even sleeker! What's more, it will show dirt less obviously. Jeb dubs the suit "Mun Camo" as it has a similar colour as the Mun. For those of you who like this suit, we'll be making more custom suits, with one of them being "Kerbin Green". Anyway, have fun making your own suits too:)
  8. @RandomKerbal Look at my previous post, it actually looks kinda good @VoidCosmos Now your thoughts on the suit!
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