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  1. yeah that is legit pretty damn close. gonna have to check it out because that wing looks slick ngl
  2. well the thing is that a gimbaling engine without having to add the rotation part is going to cause less lag than with in that it only has to load a single part. and yeah a tiny engine is generally going to be used to power smaller craft, although i could see a gimballing engine like this being very popular on certain megastructures
  3. aruoch

    Propellers Please?

    the uses ive seen stratzenblitz employ them for are way beyond that, this thread was merged into one about propellers
  4. aruoch

    Propellers Please?

    also framerate stuttering breaks them. so that's why they should be a part not multiple parts aside from performance improvement (game performance)
  5. aruoch

    Propellers Please?

    even if you go to the trouble of assembling it perfectly you cant timewarp without turning it off and attaching a grabber to it
  6. personally i think the missions post-tech-tree-completion should build up to absolute megaprojects and once you transport, for instance, a massive base to laythe, the kerbals will start to grow a civilisation there. eventually completing enough projects for the laythe colony, for instance, however you decide to make it (for instance this mission would already be accomplished for somebody like stratzenblitz who has 1500t of carrier landed) it will cause the kerbals there to construct a stock laythe launch pad, although it will not function unless there is sufficient ore processing and power facility active before it is turned on. the problem is they don't really seem to have much of a civilisation on their homeworld anyway so having them expanding after you do large missions makes little sense when they should maybe have a city on their homeworld first also there should probably be some contracts related to getting to interstellar space with a voyager style mission, and for sure a future expansion should extend ion engines and add stuff like laser powered microsatelites for use in interstellar space, and obviously at some point they're going to need to add other stars. similarly i also think there should be advanced options for asteroids, allowing the player to create an atmosphere inside a new far larger type. the ultimate achievement for KSP would be strapping fuel-mining asteroids to an atmosphere-adapted asteroid and blasting off into interstellar space.
  7. personally i think they should make it easier to make very large craft, and start adding in contracts to do seriously large projects after the tech tree is unlocked. for instance landing 1000 tons of base on a planet. also personally i think there should be a reason to have more space stations
  8. aruoch

    Propellers Please?

    yeah i have a bunch of stuff i want to make with robotics. like for one thing a concorde style nose for delta wing craft
  9. i'll have to try it, otherwise i'll never be able to get a helicarrier on laythe like the big boys
  10. currently if you wanted to make a larger wing out of a bunch of smaller wings, it would involve some legwork in correctly positioning and rotating the part. however, if snap points were added for connecting wing to wing, there would be some easy and instant alignment available. perhaps this feature could be toggled so people can still place the wings freely.
  11. i mean yeah that's a thing but it seems like the last version that had any welding was 1.4
  12. I enjoy making jets in this game. for exploration in the kerbol system there's nothing better because of planets like laythe. one of my gripes with the standard parts is that there is no small-stack option for a more advanced jet engine that can realistically perform similar to larger engines. right now if i want to do this i can use tweakscale mod, but i feel like this would be a good opportunity for a unique engine type. ______________________________________________________________________________ the advanced .625m jet would be designed to be placed under wings close to center of mass similar to how a harrier mounts thrust exhausts under it's wings. it performs similar to the RAPIER engines scaled down, but has no closed cycle mode. to make up for this, it has a gimbal mode that turns the direction of thrust 90 degrees to make VTOL craft easier to construct.
  13. My computer isn't the best. if i tried to launch something with 1000 parts i probably wouldn't have the framerate to get off the pad. the main construction method for creating truly large structures is to strap MK3 hulls together, since the side of them is the largest flat surface that snaps available. it'd be nice if there was a way to reduce complexity by either adding larger structural parts that could fill the gap that currently mk3 hulls fill in an ad-hoc fashion, or a way to merge constructions into a part file so they're treated as one entity and cause less lag.
  14. aruoch

    Propellers Please?

    There is a subcommunity in KSP of people who have gone to extreme lengths to make prop planes and helicopters a thing in this game. they're pretty buggy due to the kraken, but they're some of the most innovative designs. propellers are components of some of the coolest projects anyone ever did in KSP, becoming parts of things like helicarriers - but the problem is that these great constructions are rather inefficient, in that each helicarrier propeller engine on the build i saw weighed like 150 tons. rather than forcing them to continue making bearings in the current way that requires high part count and decoupling from the body of the ship, i think a new part should be added so that making spinning objects is more accessible to everyone, as well as less buggy and laggy similarly i think there should be some better ways of powering a bearing than are currently available. right now there are three options, landing gear which was broken for this type of use when suspension was added, reaction wheels which require control from the propeller, and jets which lag the game with smoke trails. so to make this easier there should be bearing wheels that are designed to snap with their wheel part to connect physically with a bearing so they won't bug out. there should be a reaction wheel based option and a turbojet powered option too - as well as an exhaust part which moves the exhaust dust from engines somewhere that makes more sense. also since there are only limited elevons and things that are really used for propellers, there should be some specific propeller designs added. ________________________________ tl;dr parts: bearing 0.65m - the bearings spin independently of the vessel, but remain part of the vessel. bearing 1.25m bearing 2.5m bearing 90 degrees - for when you feel like applying thrust at 90 degrees is a good idea bearing wheel (powered) - designed to spin a bearing and snap to it properly for spinning it bearing turbojet - designed to turbocharge a propeller engine by shooting jets at it. appears like the 2.5m reaction wheel with jets inside it. bearing reaction wheels - designed to apply a balanced amount of thrust in only one direction, disallowing tri-axial reaction wheel movement (XYZ translation is 3x as fast as X translation with reaction wheels) propellers - easier parts to replace the use of control surfaces, wings or elevons jet exhaust - merges jet exhausts into a bloc so you don't end up with a lot of smoke lag from many engines