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  1. I have no intention of pretending or showing off. My life is more or less starting just now it seems. The only thing I could possibly show off is that I still look young despite 20 years and I reckon at least some may be nothing like their past selves.
  2. That was how yours was? Which one? The ten or 20 year?
  3. I was randomly informed out of the blue by a former classmate who recognizsd me and stopped me in the store. Opportunities come and go and at times you can never get them back... so chances are I will take and tell you guys how it goes.
  4. It is coming up, I did not go to the first one because I belonged to a high control group religion that uses the BITE model to control members (Behavior control, Information control, Thought control, and Emotion control). Since breaking free less than a year ago I have not had any IRL friends. I just work and survive. I broke free because I learned they were keeping information from me and whitewashing their history to make them look as pure as the wind driven snow when they are in fact.... not. The cost is you lose virtually all contact with anyone still in the high control group, since the only contact they will give is trying to get you to rejoin. I could have gone to the first school reunion but of course the high control group forbade it because I was still part of it 10 years ago. Now that I am free I want to go to the school reunion but do not know what to expect. What should I expect?
  5. A few years back the Dollar Store used to sell tiny boom box shaped stereo speakers.... that worked without a battery or charging. They no longer sell it. I hate that the only portable speakers you can buy must be charged. The cool thing about the non-charging speaker was that I could get modest volume control just by adjusting the volume on my mp3 player as the speaker had no controls... plug and play only. I am also aware that volume from speakers can be amplified simply by placing a piece of cardboard on the speaker. I think there must be a way to make a non-charging speaker with great volume... but obviously no one wants to do that because you would never have to buy a speaker again.
  6. Have you heard of Krypton and Superman. Fabulously smart and stupid Kryptonians were.
  7. You kind of need to be Elon gone crazy or a James Bond villain.
  8. Cool point. I only theorized thinner bones to accomadate a larger heart.... since I was thinking of a humanoid body that looked similar to what we are.... not any larger. More exotic non-human aliens are by comparison... ironically easier to justify and make up their biology.
  9. Hahaha.. so I was kind of on the right track after all! So... why not use both? Your idea with extra organ supplying stored nutrients for energy on long sprints. And a somewhat larger heart that can pump more blood at the same normal rate. To get this extra room the ribe cage will be thinner but just as strong. So I guess the only real downside is somewhat less chest protection since thinner ribs are probabably easier to break..... or not. I could give thinner ribs but more of them, making it kind of like... internal armor.
  10. No... that's just more worldbuilding... still better than outright extinction.
  11. Thanks... I had not thought of that. Basically a predator with human like endurance that hunts in literally herd size packs, and the only way to get away is to out run them at a far distance or kill them off or set up spikes or walls or ditches so they cannot reach you. I think by the time the humanoids developed civilization they would likely put the human level endurance pack predator on the endangered species list... much like we did to lions. The human body DOES have space for an extra organ... I dunno... make it an alien kind of appendix lol. EDIT: Extra oxygen in blood lets them hold breath longer too underwater. I think the main cost would be a need for extended rest periods. But in civilized modern society, they would have no need to run for their lives much. So I suppose in that case they could get by eating less. But when exerting themselves more they would naturally want to eat more. I guess you are saying for a given amount of food their body uses it more efficiently. What's the drawback? I love drawbacks... gives them a more realistic touch.
  12. Another option that would meet halfway is longer sleep cycles to recover from their high hearbeat lifestyle. Stay awake for the day, sleep for 48 hours or less. Best of both worlds.
  13. Not sure the human body as it is has room for all that extra equipment. An easier solution is to just have a bigger pump (heart). The humanoid would also have to be bigger than a normal human so that their body would have room for a larger heart. I think... if the heart was literally designed for fast beats, it may not even look exactly like a human heart. The human heart is not designed for this so of course you are going to have issues, but imagine if it was? It could be simply engineering and material fiber strengh of their heart muscle which would have to exceed a human .heart.
  14. So if you make a scifi alien humanoid and by necessity tweak them since they look human too much already (looking at you Star Trek, and I am laughing at you Superman and Supergirl), what happens if you give them a faster heartbeat? I looked up why birds have a fast heartbeat. It is because they burn more oxygen because they use a lot of energy flying. Naturally they have to eat more too. Like to put it in human terms, imagine eating about 22 pounds of food EVERY day. https://jaysnatureblog.wordpress.com/2015/01/23/eat-like-a-bird-not-what-you-might-think/ Yeah... we don't do that... but birds eat a lot for their body size. Obviously all that food has to to be used as energy, so I presume that these humanoids with the faster heartbeat may have longer endurance before they tire compared to normal humans... but at the cost of needing to eat a lot more or risk feeling starved snd hangry. The cool thing is they could likely sprint for considerably longer than a human and eventually beat Usain Bolt if the race was long distance... since Bolt would slow and they would sprint past him. Endurance walking is literally what humans are arguably better at than any other animal save insects. So I presume scifi humanoids with faster heartbeats are just high performance versions. Thoughts?
  15. I see... so any ship able to pull off such great mass would likely need super engines to push it too. Assuming the inside of the ship was mostly filled with water, forcing the crew to swim to across to separate air cabins, that could work. With a powerful enough energy input into the propellant, the type of propellant becomes virtually irrelavent. What I am getting at is that the water filled ship could use the water as reaction mass for landing....the ship's body itself would serve as an even bigger fuel tank minus the aired crew cabins... but hallways etc would be underwater.
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