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  1. Only paid by jobs...which are NOT always one and the same as the master. Unions exist for paid jobs, not nonpaid slave work. The difference between a Alpha slave and a free Alpha man or Alpha woman is that when a slave comes home from work he/she still has duties his master will require of him or her at home, if not right away, still the same day. Everyday. Like a housekeeper/babysitter.
  2. They are home servants. What did you expect? Even Roman slaves, although less free than fictional Alphas, could find ways to make money for themselves. Unlike American slavery which had little to no path to freedom unless a master set them free which was unlikely. Alpha slavery is NOT for economics. It's just a servant around the house to assist with maintenance, chores, and the kids to free up the master's time for other pursuits. They are like unpaid lackeys for lack of a better word.
  3. Alpha slaves really don't have it like humans do so long they are owned BY Alphas. In a way, Alphas view slavery as a binding lifelong till death union between slave and master till death....like marriage almost. Minus the romance and procreation. Are they paid? No. But they can still work regular jobs on the side and get paid. Usually Alpha masters are wealthy enough to hire out some of their own Alpha slaves as workers as well. Slaves work paid jobs less than nonslaves if an Alpha master likes their slave work, usually working more nonpaid slave work at their home F
  4. Yes...I know and knew that. Slightly puzzled with you right now.
  5. I did. If you have LOX you can use it. If you do not....ISRU. Which is mission difficult because you need the mission to pay off more propellant than it costs the crew in propellant...or at least break even.
  6. Oh...this could be still be untrodden territory for scifi. Consider....are they prepped for boiling cadavers and using them as propellant? No. Which means....the boiler they do have is too small for a cadaver, let alone two. Which means some poor guy or gal is going to have to 'disassemble' them...piece by piece. IN ZERO G! Messy and gross is an understatement. Do they have medical saws aboard? Hope so. Otherwise we are talking cutlery. Don't envy this person...at all. Probably will suffer from PTSD after. Even worse if they lack medical training and or the cadaver is
  7. Hahaha! You may regret saying that. Because we are about to boldly go where probably no scifi has gone before. "Alright guys, I know you're sad about our two engineers dying from fixing the engine, but we owe our lives to them." "Shall we store the bodies for burial when get back to Earth?" "Do not throw away what you can still use. We are running low on propellant. We have already burned through half our orange juice and vodka reserves. I suggest we....boil them and use the liquid as extra propellant. That way we can save on our more precious LH propellant." "You're a sick
  8. SOME countries would be OK. Even the 'free' countries Especially when it becomes a cold war of sorts given the beyond human abilites they have everyone will want to have an edge.
  9. Water is a good option....but remember just how complex this whole siituation is. 1. Big LH tank for NTR. 2. Multiple ISRU tanks for each different propellant you are likely to try and ISRU. Cannot just go around shoving any propellant we want in any tank. Ideally we could just use inflatable bladders as tanks to save on inertial mass resistance to enginet thrust.
  10. I see your point, but legally it is just paying extra for super abilityl adopted children. Legally they would be citizens like any other. Illegal slavery does occur, but an Alpha does not consider anyone who enslaves them against their will their master anyway. Will escape at first or best opportunity to do so.
  11. Yes they will, but only within thermal limts since those chemicals run hotter than cool hydrogen does. And LOX will probably eat up a reactor like a big guy eats a pizza solo. Some chemicals erode reactors bad...others not really.
  12. Yes LOL? Uh huh...you could say the same about the hard wired human tendency to want to procreate even when it is not necessary. And yet I don't see people complaining en mass about that LOL. Nevermind the fact that is an individual choice whether one does or does not do that.
  13. NTR spacecraft seem ideal for orbit to orbit and low gravity moon travel. Refueling? Tricky and challenging. Why? According to scott manley to get the highest ISP by running your reactor hot as you can without damaging it you need LH. Apparently higher atomic elements are more likely to MELT the reactor. To get LH you must travel to a source, and extract and cool the hydrogen gained into LH. If hydrogen is NOT available you run the chance of melting ordamaging your reactor from heat overload from using a denser atomic chemical...unless you go s
  14. Not exactly...since the Alpha form of slavery is by choice of the slave. It's a lifestyle choice. If they don't like a person to begin with they won't choose them as their master. It's more an individual matter than an economic one for Alphas. Which is a good deal different from what humans think of when they hear the word slavery.
  15. I was not...but we both know any good transport can double as a weapon....which is why I don't want it TOO good. Just would take one ir a few programmed doomsday robot vessels to reach light hugger speed and collide with Earth with little options for stopping them and not much time either otherwise.
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