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  1. Cats get a lot of bad comments.... not because they are evil per se, they are just less submissive and it seems also more assertive with their owners than dogs are. It has been said that dogs treat owners different than fellow dogs, whereas cats treat human owners as big oversized cats with very poor scent and hunting skills. So if that is true, the relationship to the human for the cat is less master and more friend. And as you know... true friends have no fear of showing how they feel or letting you know what they want. I have heard stories of cats slapping the cellphone out of the owner's hand during bedtime because he did not like the cell phone in bed while sleeping near his owner. Every night.
  2. A true master of his domain... as all animals attempt to be. Animal pets spend an absurd amount of time watching their owners, so they know their habits, plus more thanks to special senses they are born with. Namely smell and hearing, both of which have a greater range detection than humans have. Basically, we are talking roughly 2 year old intelligence, armed with superhuman hearing, scent, and strength to some degree. It's no wonder pets pull off the impressive feats they do. They are like two year olds with superpowers.
  3. As a young boy, my dad bought dogs like this: The male one was untrained, and he was the first one we had, so I spent time with him on occasion. The moment I remember was a day I could not get inside the house as no one was home after achool. So I decided to try to play with our big hulk of rottweiler. I threw a ball and wanted him to fetch it, but he just looked at where I threw it. No response. I even put the ball in his mouth, but he just held it, and actually tried to hold onto it if I wanted it back. Not having any clue how to train a dog, I gave up on playing fetch and decided to play wrestle with my dog. I figured... I have beaten boys, what is a dog? Sure he has muscles... so do I! Little did I know how strong he really was. First I tried to grapple and pin him to the ground, but he would not budge. At all . Next I stepped back several feet, and ran toward him with a lunge I thought would be enough to tackle him. I literally bounced off of him and fell on my back. At that point I was about to get up for round two when I felt a distinct heaviness on my chest. Then I looked up and saw him. He was looking straight ahead in the distance panting as always, with one paw firmly holding me still. He did not seem like he wanted to hurt me as he was not even looking at me as he held me down... he was merely stopping me from what I was doing. I could not move even though I tried. I told him to get off several times, and eventually, after what seemed an eternity (it was'nt) he did. It was at that point that I realized my dog was being kind. He could have killed me right then and there if he wanted to but did not. In the end I apologized to him and gave him a hug. Not sure how much of that he understood, but am betting he understood the hug if nothing else. What are your pet stories where you learned something new?
  4. That certainly is an option I guess, if you used the engines to turn a turbine, since they do not generate a great amount of heat (about the same as the lights in your house), but strangely generate a lot of thrust. Assuming you win the challenge then what? It's ironic I guess... you killed a scifi trope. People wanna go to space... but there is no economic need to do so... well... not totally true. If you don't wanna deal with the EPA space is your best friend... cause it is already toxic. Who cares if you make Mars even MORE inhabitable than it already is? So long you don't blow it up or shift orbits that is. That leaves the only legitimate reasons for human spaceflight in scifi for luxury space cruises and colonization of Earth worlds should they exist. You really do not need to worry about a space economy UNLESS you are building massive space habitats that are dependent on them. Since why go ALL the way back to homeworld for resources when Jupiter has a ton of moons to mine?
  5. I never said they could not go higher than 1g. That's just the optimal acceleration for human flight. The fact that they can dive into Jupiter and make it out under their own power implies they can go higher than 1g. The engines appear to be reactionless, and at max thrust can accelerate a thousand kilograms at 500g indefinitely. The more mass brought on lowers the thrust. The spaceship is only heavy enough that it can thrust along at max at 4g fully loaded with cargo max. Even higher if it reduces mass by dumping cargo going max, or throttle down to 1g.
  6. Come now...are you saying there is NOTHING special the other planets have in abundance that we do not? And futuristic processing equipment is not given. Whichever company makes the MOST profits in 25 years will be allowed to keep their ships. The others will be returned to the benefactors... who place a high value on earning profits. They only want to see who on Earth is worthy of their technology. Thus the test. And yes this a totally contrived tale for the sake of discussion.
  7. Suppose RIGHT NOW several companies had access to 1g constant acceleration spacecraft without a need to refuel. Nothing else has changed about modern tech, as the 1g spaceships are on loan from someone generous Also each spacecraft has the ability to dive deep into Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus and survive, and even come back out again. What world's resources would give the biggest profit return on bringing the resource back to Earth? Or would space tourism be a better bet? Supposing you wanted to 'bury' the competition underneath billions of dollars you earn from space ventures? My guess? Probably one of the gas giants would reap the most profits via rare resources. They may have heaps of diamonds near their cores. What do you think?
  8. Regarding children I agree they should be taught as soon as they are able to understand... yet not a moment before. I was raised to know that my... 'stuff' was not for anyone else to touch, and to scream and tell any other adult if such ever happened. This was long before I knew where babies come from. In fact, when I did learn from my parents (from a medical brochure no less), I was grossed out, since at that young age I simply did not care about sex. To some degree I think the family values matters, since other boys my age were (middle school) already into... a well known vice. While I was virtually a stranger to it
  9. I dunno, I just feel if one wants to promote their music and it is ACTUALLY good, there are far more efficient ways to do it. Not to mention better places to visit where the locals MIGHT actually buy. Like... seriously... do you expect him to buy it? No! Yet they they asked such I guy to check them out, who just walked away. If you wanna sell rap music without doing it officially, then you have to go to the places people actually listen to it... and try not to get confronted by a rival who claims that area. Maybe thats why they did it...safer than having to deal with the competition who won't take their presence kindly.
  10. I would not call it funny... interesting? Well... depends I guess. I walk with mask on toward the local big store, and as I do I see a group of young african american men loudly talking at a table outside across the way from the store where cars pass. They wore no masks, and one made his way over toward me and said "How's your day today?" Since I suspected he wanted me to buy something I said, "What's up?" "You wanna know what I'm selling? We are selling CD's." "I'm not interested." And I continued on my way, but in the background I heard one near the table say, "Five dollars is not gonna break you!" Part of me wondered what this guy would do in the same situation: Then I thought... don't do that! I don't know what kind of music they were selling, but based on the way they were dressed, I assumed rap. I will never understand why they and others choose to wear their shorts so loose that that they are about to fall off and their underwear is showing. African americans ARE NOT monolithic, despite what the media would have the western world believe. They neither all dress the same nor all like the same thing... they only all have to deal with the same challenges since many presume they ARE monolithic. And by now... some of you already know how I feel about rap. I literally made an entire post about it.
  11. AM is considered exotic matter is it not? As in rare. My scifi method would be synthesize exotic matter of our own that won't react with the AM. Will it ever be possible? I wish! I think at least one poster long ago suggested that there ARE some normal forms of matter that won't blow up antihydrogen on contact. But that matters not either way. I'm a scifi writer. Not a prophet.
  12. It is very ironic that antimatter, although not possible to produce efficiently yet, is a simpler rocket compared to any nuclear or fusion variant that tries to gwt similar performance. Yet when creating scifi, I have thought for some time that having fantastic plot device tech kind of implies that the said civilization can do everything we wish we could AND the other thing that is total plot device. Basically, if I were an ancient Roman writing scifi I might have gear driven boats powered by some freak design of an aeolipile using sea water and heating it via fire for steam. The total plot device would be flapping aircraft, also powered by steam, but not for long before gliding back down. Ridiculous approximation of the future I know... but man is not supposed to know all the details of the future. I suppose it is for thr best... since if we did... half the scifi stories... probably 99% would be considered more fantasy than reality to future readers LOL. Sometimes... ignorance IS for the best. It is not always a negative. Like... little children DO NOT need to be told where babies come from!
  13. Nice! So that means that it is physically possible to build a 'spacebird' that launches from the ocean and lands like a seaplane. If we want max payload to orbit without staging gas core is the way? But you mentioned uranium loss... forgive me for saying what I am about to say... but in scifi, that is a problem easily solved by antimatter triggered nuclear reaction mass. So the higher your energy imparted to the propellant, the less propellant you need to lift high mass payloads to orbit. Higher energy increases both ISP and thrust no? Or is it just the propellant choice that effects thrust?
  14. Is not the exhaust not safe with nuclear gas core? The idea is a single stage for travel to the surface and back of an Earth world? Then again... perhaps we can forget safety? We are landing in the middle of the ocean for crying out loud! If crew is concerned about radiation wait a few days before you open the hatches! In the mean time use the ship's propellers to drive it near a beach. Funnily enough, such a vessel would be a literal ship AND a spaceship. Hahaha... forget safety... full radiation equals less complex but robust design and less engine heating! Full open cycle! The ocean can take it!