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  1. I meant TV and movie scifi. I will smile the day I see this in a movie or TV. I have waited years for this. I think the reason directors won't do it is because they presume the audience is dumb about rocketry. I say tha is even MORE of a reason to use it. Teach em something about space travel. Rather than feed them technobabble lies like SW and ST.
  2. It's a pity the TOS Enterprise would look goofy with with an orion pusher plate. As would most popular scifi vessels. It is still far more practical though.
  3. O After seeing that pic I have decided to scrap the idea. Visuals do wonders. Yet the main reason is cause the human body has far too many nooks and crannies that only fingers can reach and attend to properly as far as hygeine goes. I am not going to get graphic but I think you understand.
  4. Not handeling AM waste heat is my primary issue. By the time we have enough mass in heat rejection equipment such as heatsinks and big rad fins, it will lower the awesome thrust we were supposed to have anyway. On the other hand, the external combustion engine AKA Orion project has less of of an issue there.
  5. No real need for a humanoid to have multiple hearts unless a spare backup. The octopus has multiple hearts doing separate duties that our one heart does combined all by itself. It is not as if one of the octopuses heart's fails it can still function.
  6. No need for two hearts and a regenerating brain. Two hearts only offers an advantage if not connected, so the other can be used as backup, otherwise they both clog up at the same rate more or less.
  7. More or less true it seems. Wikipedia indicated we could make a pure fusion bomb similar in yield to a conventional explosive, the main problem being that it is more complex bur not more destructive beyond radiating the area.
  8. Oh yes it has bones and muscles, looks human, just the skin and hair are colors humans don't have. As for the suction plates, good idea. If mini enough, they could be used to manipulate small items much like fingers, even delicate stuff like tweezers. Octopus suckers are very flexible, and the alien ones could be smaller with the added feature of full 360 rotation for ALL suckers, being able to choose selectively which ones and how, besides the sucker pinching that octopuses already have IRL. This allows for them to use the suckers to rotate an item on their palm or even stand it upright, all without using their thumb. Good ideas! You helped salvage an idea I was gonna regretfully scrap. Now with these mods the mitt can at leasr compete with the human hand, besides beibg superior for climbing walls (greater surfae area/suction/adhesive fluid optional). The main problem will be flossing their teeth. It would be a proper nightmare. Unless they all have bad breath due to not flossing, or perhaps their mouth and tooth bones are nore acid resistant and regrow their whole lifetime if broken? Perhaps they just swish acid in their mouth and spit to clean between the teeth? Perhaps the feature comes in built, which means yes they can spit acid if they want, used primarily forcleaning hard to reach places in the mouth.
  9. Unlikely. The weight budget added would offset the benefits it seems by loweribg overall thrust dramatically.
  10. Um... machines are inferior to us in one respect. A total lack of intution and adaptability. They are to do one job and do it well, whereas we are not made to do anyspecificjob per se, but can learn to do just about anything. We trade efficiency for adaptability. And machines make poor judgement calls. They literally would not know what to do in an ethical situation they were not programmed for.
  11. "Not chess. Poker." -Captain Kirk TOS It got me thinking, what would a game be like that combined features from both chess and poker? The greatest game ever? Chess is anything but random with total infornation right in front of you, whereas poker involves bluffing since there is plenty of information you do not know. The best I could think up is perhaps this: Only difference is make it a chess board and make the chess pieces like to stratego in that your opponent cannot see what piece they truly are. I know piecr movement is a dead give away, but it still allows for plenty of bluffing. Making it a game humans could consistently do better at than machines. What do you think? Any ideas of mixing chess and poker you may have? Or improve upon what I started perhaps?
  12. According to wikipedia having some antimatter could initiate a pure fusion bomb, including the small ones for project orion. Otherwise we are looking at a 3 ton big bomb to generate the power. Overall it is hard to make mini without a lot of compact energy ready to go (looking at AM again).
  13. Fusion bombs are hard to make no? Not saying they are impossible, but you would think we would already have them if they were viable right now. Making them mini enough to use them for project Orion should take a higher level of tech than we currently utilize today. So scifi are pure fusion bombs.... for now.
  14. So I could just make the ecosystem fit them more. Bigger seeds, etc. Just about about everything changes compared to our world. Even so, they could still pick up tiny items with the suction plates, but manipulation of small stuff or tools will be far more tedious for them than us I agree... so I may have to just dismiss the idea and just go with the suction cup ped palm and fingers.
  15. True... it's just that every other powerful thing O knowof on par or betterthan a nuke in nature also is highly radioactive. So AM is a key to orbital infrastucture if we had plenty available like in scifi