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  1. Yeah the mod technically works but flying the shuttle is very much like flying a big brick(Which I suppose is accurate to the real shuttle :p) Basically any sort of maneuvering is near impossible.
  2. Well i tried playing with the mod and it seems to work fine outside of major control issues. I haven't tried the Super 25 yet but the Dauntless can barely turn and the reaction wheels basically do nothing. The launcher is also very...wobbly as well as just being very hard to maneuver(I could barely perform an accent to a suborbital trajectory let alone an orbital one...)
  3. Well, it turns out there was a release of Scatterer only on GitHub that had a fix for the weird white screen, so I guess the issue wasn't just affecting this mod. It's working perfectly now at least. Just flew a mission to the Mün and back using the Saturn V, felt real good!(Though I think I held onto the second stage for too long, third stage for barely any time at all...)
  4. I've been getting that too. Everything still seems to work though so my main issue is still the MEM.
  5. I tried removing Scatterer and sure enough... Issue is fixed! So it's definitely related to Scatterer.
  6. Started using this mod today on KSP 1.7, But i'm having an issue with Sina MEM-ASC causing my entire screen to go white while on the launch pad, i'm assuming it's somehow linked to Scatterer but i'm not quite sure. Uploading a video of the issue, Will edit this with a link to it once it's done. EDIT: Link
  7. How would i go about making a patch for this tank right here? Want to use this mod to allow it to contain mono propellant.