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  1. This is fantastic work, thank you for keeping this classic mod alive! I'm curious when you're planning to release the next OPT version that includes the VTOL and blade engines? I'm pretty excited to try them out
  2. I am curious if there are any plans to bring terrain scatters (ground scatters) as an option for RSS? I understand that enabling it can cause a massive performance hit, but the visual effects/enhancements are fantastic. I'm not sure what level of work that would require, or if it is possible to easily requisition stock terrain scatters for RSS.
  3. Thank you for the great work, this mod looks fantastic! One issue I have noticed, is that when I use a lot of part mods combined with the textures from RSS+REX, there can be a 5-10 second delay in switching from flight view to map view while in flight. Adding the following .cfg file in the GameData folder mitigates this: Thought this would be good to know for the people who use 50+ mods. I'm not sure if you are able to integrate this into your code, just offering as a suggestion. I'm curious if you pinpointed the cause of the issue regarding the solar flares not correctly matching the star's position? It would be cool to look at the systems in tracking station without the offset. Regarding the issue of not being able to place systems more than 50ly away, have you considered using a semi-logarithmic scale? This would allow systems further than 50ly away to be modeled, while maintaining somewhat appropriate distance between outer systems. Thanks again for the great work, I have been looking for something like this for a while!
  4. I read that for planet packs that replace the home system, the script places a wormhole on a solar orbit. Would this still be the case while running RSS/RO? Is there any way to make the wormhole appear around Saturn to mirror the plot of Interstellar?