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  1. bug report: TAA is not working when stock anti aliasing is on. you may already know this issue but just in case. i just found this problem and how to fix(off stock AA setting) edit: TAA is working when flight;
  2. ROGER i'm working on it. thanks for report. and for now, you can use my texture pack by paste it to original one and delete png images. most of works (including earth, moon, mars) are using dds textures.
  3. I use intel's DDS texture support plugin. it should be work. but the best way to support HQ texture is kopernicus cubemap support patch. I heard that some people already requested it so maybe we can wait for it. actually i don't have tool can make cubemap so I'n not gonna able to make cubemap RSS texture pack even they make cubemap patch tho btw I'm making integration between RSSVE and your RVE64K. I finished 8k cubemap cloudglow texture based by cubemap citylight texture. I can send it to you if you want. I use RSSVE scatterer texture, (your one is good too but seems over saturated for me. I wish I can mix that two texture and get mean value) . city day texture, customized city night texture, and your cloud layer, custom cloudglow layer, custom citylight, lightning, aurora and deleted RVE's terrain, cloudshadow(what is this layer?) and RSSVE's cloud and aurora layer. it seems works for now. why your cloud cfg don't support volume? I pasted RSSVE's one but not working.
  4. lol i'm waiting for 1.8 update of RO and RP-1. while I edit my custom RSSVE config and textures. but some mods are not maintained anymore, so some of my favorite mods are not gonna work with 1.8. after all, RAM CAN FIX ANY PROBLEMO
  5. there is a psb format for large scale image edit. psb and 64bit version of photoshop CC will work. I edited 16K*8K dds texture with more than 10 layers in photoshop and just published texturepack update.
  6. this is just a texture pack. you can use it whatever your ksp version is.
  7. 2.1.0 bugpatch update. please leave a comment when you find some unknown issues.
  8. i asked about it to spacedock author, but not answered yet so i added temporal google drive link. you can download now.
  9. thanks. it solved my curious. and i'll check previous comments next time.
  10. i found a two bug of your mod: i can see grid like dots in entire screen. and as you can see, scatter sunflare position is strange. i think this problem is related to star's distance from sun. btw thanks for this great mod! please make it work with principia it would be better!
  11. i'm trying to upload my texture pack which is about 1GB big, but upload is keep stop at around 25%. so i tried to upload as split compressed file and now it can't recognize it's format. what can i do? my pack's previous version is still bigger than 800mb but uploaded well.
  12. @AndrewDraws @BezKartuza ok i fixed image issue. but i still cant' upload my texture pack to spacedock. it seems it's too big for spacedock? but my earlier versions is also big and working so well...
  13. please notify me when you find grammar issue. i'm not native English user so always having troubles.
  14. Hello guys! welcome to my 16K RSS texture pack Ver. 2.2.0: 1.8 support update This texture pack is High res planet texture pack for Real Solar System. with this texture pack, you can get better visual experience as you can see down below. WARNING: this texture pack is tested in 32GB ram, i7 9700k cpu, and RTX 2070 gpu. i can't guarantee that there'll be no performance issue in below this spec. Minimum ram requirement is 16GB. you will need more then 16GB for stable play with more mods. screenshots Download Link: Click here! For 1.3.X~1.7.3 Temporary Link: Google Drive For 1.8 Temporary Link: Google Drive the file size is very big so it'll take some time to download. (SpaceDock doesn't support large file upload for now. this warning will be removed after SpaceDock upload is finished) Thanks to einsbon for image processing tool (to ver 1.2.1) Thanks to COMP for much better and accurate, and easy to use image processing tool Installation: (Excerpt of installation guide from Real Solar System Textures README.txt) Unzip the RSS-Textures folder in the GameData folder in the archive to your KSP GameData folder, so you'll have KSP/GameData/RSS-Textures (and inside that lots of dds files). Requirements: you can see requirements and dependancies in RealSolarSystem mod forum page. known issues: some of the normal maps will have problem with principia. I don't know why. problem solved. these normal maps are using the alpha map as x-axis normal map. some KSC locations may have trouble with landscapes surrounding it. for now, I only considered Kennedy Space Center location. Status update: I'm working on make it support ckan. but it's size is too big for github or other ordinary cloud server service. please wait little bit more about ckan support. I think I need to make a donation link(of course you will able to download my texture pack without donation). If you have an opinion, please let me know in the comments. Changelogs planned features image source License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0
  15. @jrodriguez well, thanks about dds tool but i think 32k is still not possible. that tool seems cmd based tool, just for format change. after all, all earth textures have to be edited. hue, noise, ocean color, glaciers kind of things. furthermore we need alpha map for surface gloss level. i can edit it in 32k resolution using photoshop but can't export to any format having transparency. i already can make 32k raw texture without editing but it's not gonna be that good and also not gonna able to load at ksp. most important, at least as far as i know 21600*10800 texture is highest resolution map can get from nasa. or i have to pay to get fictional map data. im not sure about fictional map's licence or accuracy. ok im doing Q&A about my texture pack at another guy's topic. i'll release new update of my texture pack soon, so you'll can ask more at there.