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  1. thanks for great mod! do you have plan to make it work with kerbalism? I've made some progress over the past few weeks on making your mod and Kerbalism compatible with each other. but since my major is not programming, i'm having some problems with solar panals. It's beyond my ability, I think. i want RSS/RO/SSTU/kerbalism..
  2. i 've confirmed that it works in 1.6.1. So I'm going to modify the different mods to match 1.6.1. by the way, do you have any plan to use texturesunlimitesd shader? it's gonna be look cooler i think.
  3. @Nerteasorry i tried to edit .mu file with blender&.mu file import plugin but i couldn't. i could open file but i failed to edit it. I understand what is problem but have no idea which part of mod should to touch. i'm sorry to bother you but can you give me a favor?
  4. i know and i can do it right now but new design is so cool to me; If my request is difficult to work on can you tell me about difference between 1.4.5 and 1.7.0 parts? i'll try to make newest version fit with 1.4.5 myself if you allow it.
  5. can you make it's latest version work with KSP 1.4.5 please? i want to use it with RSS/RO. is it gonna be hard?