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  1. modeling process is about 60% finished and polygon is already 10k. can you tell me a limit of polygon count?
  2. I understand what you saying. I'll keep it more close to photorealistic. I mean, real satellite image is too distorted or not organized to use. don't worry about it!
  3. it's about 7k for now and i think it's gonna about 10k or more. and about texture, I'll make custom texture in 8k or maybe even 16k. and not gonna use satellite data. I think making texture from begining is better than using photo. I'm gonna find a compromise between stock KSC art style and photorealistic texture.
  4. I just remembered that 3d model for game shouldn't have many polygons.. how many polygons it should be?
  5. thanks for permission! I'm working on LC-39B first, and I'll make LC39A if I can. sadly I don't know how to make mu files. can I send it in any other format? I'm gonna use C4D. I forgot how to insert image from googledrive anyway is that okay?
  6. thanks for awesome mod! I'm author of RSS 16k texturepack. I'm currently making custom stockalike texture of your mod for personal use. if you're okay, I want to give you better model and texture of LC39. can I share it with you?
  7. I'm trying to make FAR patch for wing using b9partswitch. wing's direction is changed by this mod. how can I make FAR work with it?
  8. aaaaah I'm having a problem with FAR configuration, can you tell me what "rootMidChordOffsetFromOrig" is?
  9. btw how can I make your land texture visible only in space?
  10. @jrodriguez as you can see HDR function is working good with me. there is no problem with EVE clouds. I'm using 1.8.1 and latest KS3P and TUFX mods. and about AO, it was just example and I'm not forcing it. in my case I couldn't manage TUFX's AO effect so I choosed KS3P's one. @pingopete this shows HDR function. I'm tweaking details of each cfgs now. and I'm using KSP 1.8.1.
  11. you must be already know but just to make sure, the new TUFX postfx mod by @Shadowmage provides HDR mode so you may can fix night artifact with it. according to its forum page, it's not working with KS3P but when I've tried, it worked together. just postFX is applied twice. so you just need to choose which mod you're gonna use per each effect. for example, KS3P doesn't support SMAA but TUFX does, or KS3P's ambient occlusion is better than TUFX's one(in my opinion.). so you can turn on KS3P's AO and TUFX's AA and turn off KS3P's AA and TUFX's AO, it will work super well. and about ci
  12. bug report: TAA is not working when stock anti aliasing is on. you may already know this issue but just in case. i just found this problem and how to fix(off stock AA setting) edit: TAA is working when flight;
  13. ROGER i'm working on it. thanks for report. and for now, you can use my texture pack by paste it to original one and delete png images. most of works (including earth, moon, mars) are using dds textures.
  14. I use intel's DDS texture support plugin. it should be work. but the best way to support HQ texture is kopernicus cubemap support patch. I heard that some people already requested it so maybe we can wait for it. actually i don't have tool can make cubemap so I'n not gonna able to make cubemap RSS texture pack even they make cubemap patch tho btw I'm making integration between RSSVE and your RVE64K. I finished 8k cubemap cloudglow texture based by cubemap citylight texture. I can send it to you if you want. I use RSSVE scatterer texture, (your one is good too but seems over satu
  15. lol i'm waiting for 1.8 update of RO and RP-1. while I edit my custom RSSVE config and textures. but some mods are not maintained anymore, so some of my favorite mods are not gonna work with 1.8. after all, RAM CAN FIX ANY PROBLEMO
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