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  1. I just realized that htRobotics is now gone from the Github page. Is it deprecated, in the main parts folder now, or getting replaced by HT2? @benjee10
  2. I know, in terms of performance I wouldn't be surprised to see a heavily modded KSP2 run laps around bone stock KSP1, but it's still amazing just how far this game has gone in terms of graphics
  3. Imagine the scenes if this was built today with Parallax
  4. The cool part is, I didn't have to make any changes to KSPRC itself to get it to work, apart from getting the newest versions of the dependencies obviously
  5. And so is 3.3! I made some tweaks to LighthouseV2 to improve visibility in dark environments and added Aperture, a config made to resemble black and white images from modern cameras. You know where to download.
  6. 3.2 is now available! The update adds the new "Lighthouse V2" profiles, with improved contrast, saturation and auto exposure.
  7. How will the true volumetrics system be applied to 3rd-party planets or rescales? Will they require separate configs like with regular EVE, or can they be created with the GUI that I've seen in some of the screenshots?
  8. https://twitter.com/emilio_fls/status/1579474600554995713?s=20&t=YeUVivvyRdeqi3X4yzHucQ
  9. Talking about shuttle names, any ideas for one? I have seven and want an eighth: Endurance, Pathfinder (already in the mod lol), Perseverance, Opportunity, Inspiration, Resilience, and Curiosity
  10. Do you know if there's a dev thread? Or any images of the ORANGES parts?
  11. Would it be possible to create a toasty Discovery variant with black wing tiles? Or separate the toasty texture so it can be applied to any variant? That aside, loving the textures!
  12. Hey @benjee10(sorry for another ping), but is there a way to offset a longer shuttle name so it doesn't get cut off at the ends?
  13. Am I the only one that thinks the SRB-4s are a bit too long? I have to move them up quite a bit so they fit with the SOCK shuttle and MLP pad.
  14. They already said no. Although you could use the white foam texture with Conformal Decals to achieve the look.
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