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  1. can you change the mod a bit to get the vapor to go different directions? It's a bit weird with KSC extended cause the pads are slanted. Thanks! Love this other than that
  2. How do you use the vents for plumeparty?

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    2. Baconoobolo10101


      I can't find the part. where should it be and what is it called?

    3. Baconoobolo10101


      I might have installed it wrong

    4. JadeOfMaar


      They're under Structural. Type "vent" in the VAB's search bar and you should see them. If your plume party path is not KSP/GameData/PlumeParty/ then yes, it is installed wrong.

  3. Great mod! works great with EVE. But can you make the waves actually bob you up and down? Bit awkward when the waves are low and my splashed down craft is floating on air between the waves
  4. Halp me, the parts aren't appearing, and i can't find the airplane plus gamedata