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  1. Hi Miki, Thanks. I found it and in my own sandbox managed to get the KRES V to a safe landing on Duna, and even left the other half in orbit. Next I'll have to learn how to land near a target :-). I have many general questions - things like do I do the entire KRES V mission, with time acceleration, with poor bill sitting in the rover attached to the DRV? Or am I supposed to figure it all out? Another thing I noticed is my shiny rover doesn't use battery power when time accelerated, which make driving around easier. Also, there seems to be some source of power on the shiny rover, if I deplete the battery I can sit for some number of hours and the battery will recharge on it's own. How does that work? KSP bug? Great Mission! Thanks, Brynn
  2. I'm learning how to fly, and I was wondering where the KRES V files are kept in the Dunation mission - I'd like to copy it into my sandbox and practice flying it Brynn