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  1. Sorry for not responding in such a long time ..... I updated my designs and added more modules .....basically a big space train with multiple cars to dock at the end.....I will work on a rover carrier tomorrow and upload some new pics
  2. yes I will update the craft soon, I'm just very busy at university at the moment. As soon as I got some free time I will continue improvements
  3. The skycrane for the rover deployment is equipped with a large docking port at the top to attach a "spacetug" to pull it to the mun
  4. ASAS helps alot ....it works the best if you activate ASAS when you drive up a small hill (~10° inclination). ASAS does not control the wheels of the rover but it uses the torque of the capsule to keep the rover horizontal if the wheels lose contact to the ground. It should be also noted that I limited my speed to 5m/s while going up or down hills with an inclination of 10-20° . For really steep terrain with an inclination >20° i limit the velocity to 2m/s On my way to the munar northpole I was able to climb a hill with 42° inclination at 2m/s without any problems. going down
  5. Wonderful design....but: that's not a Merlin , that's a Hawk ...or a Harpy....wait ....it's both look at the thing'ies under the wings .....looks like a HAWK....not a Merlin ...BUT it's actually something even more confusing: It is a weird mix of Harpy and Hawk. The inner tubes under the wing (close to the center) are taken from the harpy, the bigger "rocketlike" tubes under each wing (midwing) are taken from the hawk
  6. i reached the north pole ...finally total distance from landing site 282km (straight line)
  7. Oh please don't take it as an offense! I really like your ships (you know that ) And I totally agree that sometimes clipping is necessary to build pretty spacecrafts ....otherwise you always end up with monster ships like .....this :
  8. Despite the fact that I don't like the main rocket too much .....because I try to avoid the "part clipping" when it is possible....the lander looks really awesome
  9. it was about time that someone started to rebuild EVE ships in Ksp....but the quality of your replicas is just awesome
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