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  1. its very simple, a robot mission should be easier than a manned mission.... with no life support it is actually much harder and requires more planning to send a robot. Kerbalism was my favourite because of the added radiation, part malfunctions, stress and things like nitrogen for pressure Life support should all be optional but PLEASE include it. its almost silly to go for such realism with parts and engines without air, food, stress, water and part malfunctions/repairs thank you very much, Love ksp 1 when i can get kerbalism to work properly (although it needs to be a base game function to work properly and with things like fast forward which screwed every LS mod i used)
  2. ive played online games since ultima online and back to mario when nes came out and the thing i loved about them were consequences. Life support adds that little extra challenge that motivates players like me to put in 1000s of hours into a game. Life support is such an obvious step that it seems to be purely stubbornness preventing its implementation. I have tried all the LS mods and kerbalism was what made me really fall in love with this game beyond just visiting planets. the Radiation, comfort boredom all add such dimension to this game it NEEDS to be in the base game, so it doesn't vanish with each update, the people working on it do a really good job keeping it working but cant be expected to keep up all the time. this is a plea from a guy who had been looking for years for a good space simulator and stumbled onto kerbal watching a youtube video. PLEASE PLEASE add life support and more specifically the features from kerbalism. it wont ruin the game, people could easily turn LS off... and yes i realize there are many threads about this but it needs to be said as many times as necessary
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