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  1. Yeah good point. I just feel there ought to be a better way than whats there now.
  2. I like to play ksp stock, and ksp with mods, to do that though i have to copy the entire game and separate things like that. Can squad please add specific modding?
  3. That would be very nice. Its always annoying when i have to remove and replace parts to add a faring.
  4. Being able to make folders for stuff like "Planes" or "SSTOs" in space plane hanger and "To Jool" or "To mun" in VAB. Those were just examples, i just thing being able to categorize your ships would be very helpful.
  5. I honestly would love to have a command module that you could change its colour. A silver command module would look very nice.
  6. I installed Galaxies Unbound today, and kopernicus. I fired up KSP, and i got this warning message "Kopernicus was not able to load the custom planetary system due to an exception in the loading process, loading your saved game is not recommended, because the missing planets could corrupt and delete your progress. Since the mod is so new I haven't been able to find installation steps, or a way to fix this problem. I have also removed Kopernicus, and the warning is not there, however the new solar system is not there either. I would appreciate any help that could be provided.
  7. I removed the mechjeb unit, and it worked fine, though it wobbled a lot. I don't use the utilities window for anything so what should I be looking for. It says limit q to 100 pa. I re-added mechjeb, and turned the q limiter off, and it worked well enough to get into orbit.
  8. Mechjeb wasn't on when i was trying to fix the problem.
  9. I've been having this problem where I launch a rocket and I lose control of the throttle. The throttle starts going up and down repeatedly, the engines start gimbaling rapidly, and it slowly heads upward at about 14 m/s. I fix this by detaching my payload, however, this only works if the rocket has already taken off, if I detach the payload and then launch the rocket, the same error occurs. This doesn't happen with KSP stock rockets, it primarily happens with the SpaceX addon rockets. Though the rockets didn't do this when I originally added them weeks prior. I've tried isolating the variables
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