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  1. Sup guys! I am really enjoying this mod and took some screenshots : D. When you need to take something big, get a big payload bay . StarSausage here, we are taking a sunbath I wonder if this can serve as a boat . Some say this boi is chunky, but i still love it . WE ALL LIVE IN A STAINLESS STEEL SUBMARINE.
  2. Thanks man i finally fixed it! big props
  3. Hey @clusta. I'm having some trouble with the .cfg you included on the patch: I have my own config right? Ok, so everytime i start the game yours starts to load and i can't load mine's. I tried deleting it, making a new one, but it keeps loading yours. How can i fix this? Thanks in advance, this mod is great!!
  4. I'm loving these new parts! I'll leave ya with some pics of what i did yesterday . LDC with a little surprise. And we arrived! Starting insertion burn soon.
  5. I'm loving these new parts! I'll leave you a photo of a bizarre Block III+ with IUS to Moon Mun!
  6. Will you do the SLS Block II Advanced Solid Rocket Booster? Those would look kinda cute and awesome in KSP
  7. How can i download latest version? I see people with those "shaped" sat cores but at github and dev githup there's nothing of them.
  8. Ok i'm here to tell you about some issues with the Delta family pack: The Delta II/III are unable to reach space within a 5 tons payload. The Delta II/III are very weak in thrust and fuel, maybe a bit more of those would help to get more cargo to at least LKO. The Delta IV Medium as the Delta II/III happens the same, as the vehicle is larger it could lift more tons, but in this case i couldn't lift a 10 tons payload, while the IRL one could lift 12-17 tons into LEO (i know LEO and LKO are for different scales but i think the buff is necessary). The Delta IV Heavy looses control over time doing the gravity turn making it to go crazy at about 15.000m and exploding all over. That's all i could see from me playing with the rockets.
  9. Alright m8! Will test these out when i install it! Also are you planning to add Modular Launch Pads as an optional mod? It can be used i tried it, needs a bit of offsetting but it does the trick
  10. Much thanks my friend! Now i can make shuttle missions come true!