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  1. I'm loving these new parts! I'll leave you a photo of a bizarre Block III+ with IUS to Moon Mun!
  2. Will you do the SLS Block II Advanced Solid Rocket Booster? Those would look kinda cute and awesome in KSP
  3. Oh ok...I'm excited to see these new parts in action!!! Could i ask for an estimate ETA??
  4. How can i download latest version? I see people with those "shaped" sat cores but at github and dev githup there's nothing of them.
  5. Ok i'm here to tell you about some issues with the Delta family pack: The Delta II/III are unable to reach space within a 5 tons payload. The Delta II/III are very weak in thrust and fuel, maybe a bit more of those would help to get more cargo to at least LKO. The Delta IV Medium as the Delta II/III happens the same, as the vehicle is larger it could lift more tons, but in this case i couldn't lift a 10 tons payload, while the IRL one could lift 12-17 tons into LEO (i know LEO and LKO are for different scales but i think the buff is necessary). The Delta IV Heavy looses control over time doing the gravity turn making it to go crazy at about 15.000m and exploding all over. That's all i could see from me playing with the rockets.
  6. Alright m8! Will test these out when i install it! Also are you planning to add Modular Launch Pads as an optional mod? It can be used i tried it, needs a bit of offsetting but it does the trick
  7. Much thanks my friend! Now i can make shuttle missions come true!
  8. This time i have a set of photos of an antimatter powered station i've been testing! The Antimatter Propulsion Module, or as i like to call it (technically) the X-22 Antimatter Assembly.This was the first module of the station ( i will say the name later don't ya worry ) It's basically made of an antimatter engine powered by antimatter and LH2. It can give a station a lot of functionality allowing it to go to another planets, stay there, come back and repeat! This is the station fully assembled, the crew module is the most important one has it holds the function to keep the crew and dock other craft, as this shuttle you see right here. The station will eventually cross Kerbin's SOI to enable the KSC to send cargo or return Kerbonauts. The Kerbol-II High Elliptical Orbit Crew Headquarters it's ready for it's trip!!
  9. Btw may i ask if you're gonna add the big SRB's ( I mean Castor 300, 600 and 1200) in future updates? Those would be great to make the OmegA.
  10. Looking as irl! I will enjoy these ones for future mun missions!