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  1. Hi, sorry for the late response, lots of things happened in the meantime. I'm sorry to say that I completely stopped working on this mod at all, and i also lost the files which included all the parts i wanted to add on the initial release, I hope this is understandable.
  2. I'm using the latest version of this release + Beyond Home + Parallax and bunch of other mods in the 1.11.2 version, and the menu buttons don't work at all. I uninstalled all mods and installed them back 1 by 1 and I found Kopernicus was the one causing trouble, is there any fix to this?
  3. I think i didn't but i couldn't either, am i supposed to set the KSP install path through the "tools" tab in unity?
  4. Hello there. I've been trying to export a model from Unity but i can't seem to get the "write" button as of older versions, does anyone know the problem here?
  5. As i promised, you'd get an update on that "second rocket" coming in the main release. The second rocket that'll be included in the main release of the mod is officially fully modelled, now awaiting of better texturing, but the job is done . The rocket size in game will be of 0.3125m and if i get good in balancing the parts, it will be fully reusable, yes, it's going to be very, very small, but i though it would be a cool and small addition to the mod. Now that i've learnt how to import models to Unity, i think i'm ready and take the next step of finishing the Epsilon, and of c
  6. It's time for an update! A lot of things have changed during these days thanks to innumerable feedback, in my opinion i think they brang a huge improvement over the original design: As you can see, i've added and redone most of the parts based on feedback and more resources that i could gather. I'll be trying my best to make it as close as the final product in real life, which of course means, more time. But as not everything is bad, I've been planning on adding a second rocket into the main release, more info on Thursday! (Just check the Trello if you're interested in knowing what
  7. Hopefully you'll see them all, i've got plans ranging from L-4S to the M-V II, the J-1 seems pretty interesting and i doubt it'd be hard as they used H-II/A boosters (and i already have the first stage modelled), so it's possible : )
  8. I really hope so as well :D! Thank you tovarichs Cheers man :)) Oh boi, it will be for sure )))
  9. Minato Heavy Industries [DEV/WIP Thread] This mod is focused on adding, from the first japanese rockets, to the most modern ones, including also, Cargo Vehicles such has the HTV and what-not. It'll try to as well aim for seamless usage between another stockalike mods such as BDB or Tantares [still thinking about that] I highly appreciate feedback and advice of all shorts, i'm always looking to improve as this is my first time making a mod and using a 3D Editing Software. I want to thank @DylanSemrau for giving me a small push with his feedback and tips, the mod wouldn't be at this phas
  10. Can we expect an upgrade of the textures of the first stage engine of the Ariane 5?
  11. Nice, thanks! I've got to play with shaders off because it burns my GPU a little, but otherwise, scatterer is awesome
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