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  1. The part SSTU-TANK-MFT-R- Radial Tank doesn't show up in the VAB Is there anything i can do about this?
  2. Thanks to you for this great mod my man! I have a question tho, are you planning on adding the ATV somehow?
  3. Hohoho, @Well you made me want to build some JAXA sushi rockets! Thank you for this great mod!
  4. I want to help on the craft files, if you want contact me on DM's and we'll talk on it
  5. Hello, i'm having some trouble trying to modify the shine/PBR of some parts. I'm trying to modify it via the difficulty menu, i tweaked all of the settings but nothings changes, my question is if there is another way around making this. Thank you
  6. Sup guys! I am really enjoying this mod and took some screenshots : D. When you need to take something big, get a big payload bay . StarSausage here, we are taking a sunbath I wonder if this can serve as a boat . Some say this boi is chunky, but i still love it . WE ALL LIVE IN A STAINLESS STEEL SUBMARINE.
  7. Thanks man i finally fixed it! big props
  8. Hey @clusta. I'm having some trouble with the .cfg you included on the patch: I have my own config right? Ok, so everytime i start the game yours starts to load and i can't load mine's. I tried deleting it, making a new one, but it keeps loading yours. How can i fix this? Thanks in advance, this mod is great!!
  9. I'm loving these new parts! I'll leave ya with some pics of what i did yesterday . LDC with a little surprise. And we arrived! Starting insertion burn soon.
  10. I'm loving these new parts! I'll leave you a photo of a bizarre Block III+ with IUS to Moon Mun!