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  1. Please add keyboard/joystick support for the ps4 for KSP2
  2. Created a video of my rendezvous and refueling, she's almost ready for the long journey.
  3. Thanks for all the information! This is gonna help me a ton! Definitely gonna take the advice to update my fueler to a more tank role ones she's fully fueled. Lower to the center of mass. I will update on my progress.
  4. Here's a pic, has 2 rockomax x200 tanks. Also, I enabled tweakables and enabled autostrut. It's giving me a few options; heaviest part, root part, grandparent part. Don't know what they are all ment for but I'm guessing I'd for for heaviest part..
  5. I forgot to mention, I'm on ps4 so I'm unable to use any mods or anything to stop me from getting trophies ( Not sure if tweakables void trophies or not ) I will post pictures when I get back home
  6. I'm planning on making a long journey to moho, so far I have my giant rocket orbiting earth, I've rendevou'd with it a few times to refuel it and it's nearly full. I have 4 docking ports on my rocket.( one on each side). My original plan was to fuel up, then add 4 more fuel containers to each docking port What I've noticed when clamping on is there's a little wobble. If I fire my main engines, will my fuel containers come off the docking ports? If so, any tips for securing these containers before I start my burns?
  7. Flew by both tylo and Bob and returned. It popped both trophies! Thanks again for the info!
  8. Ok, I'm gonna try a flyby and back. Hopefully that works. Thx!
  9. I just arrived in the jool system and popped a few flyby trophies. Now I've read mixed details about the visit trophies in this system. PlayStationtrophies.org states this : There's a much easier way to achieve the Visit trophies - you DO NOT NEED TO LAND on the planets, you don't even need to orbit them. You just need to fly by them (encounter/departure), and return to Kerbin. And other forums states you have to land and return. Which I know jool is unlandable. This brings me to the question, which planets in the jool system do I have to land on and return to kerbin. And which pl
  10. I'm trying to place a lander on top of my existing rocket, but it won't place it. I've tried placing decouplers and docking ports but nothing is letting me attach to it. ( note: on ps4 )
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