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  1. Kerbal Astronomical base (orbital) building Kabob
  2. BONUS: Use BDArmory to add a bomb bay and nukes.
  3. Except time dilation. But that only matters at extreme travel times.
  4. A (failed) kraken drive that used part stuttering and wings.
  5. why not use extremely fine powder instead slightly magnetic so they stick together
  6. good idea! might be to complicated for beginners though...
  7. Even Kerbin shouldn't have an atmosphere and have low gees
  8. Everywhere lately I've been seeing paper "ceiling darts" embedded in the ceiling. It's really annoying.
  9. Or maybe we could make it as a mutualistic relationship between "wheel" creatures and a "steering" creature
  10. But the wheel could be "dead", like hollow keratin or something, and use a "kick-leg" for propulsion and bending steering
  11. Alright. There are so many bad ones. Shouldn't we just talk about the good ones instead?
  12. yeah i think it could be a secondary "cruising" engine using normal jets for takeoff
  13. I meant using heating coils instead because why not
  14. I was thinking that an atmospheric engine might work by heating the air and expelling it. I am not sure whether it will work, but it might.
  15. I like making falcon-9 style rockets, but the LT-2 is too small for size 2 unless you offset the engines, and that makes it look weird, and it is impossible with Size 3.
  16. They're suborbital only, and can barely make it into space.