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  1. Hello! Its me once again with one of those weird videos lol Enjoy and let me know what you think please!
  2. Hey guys! I just released the next episode of Kerbal Shorts! I hope some of you enjoy it! Thanks
  3. One thing i wish KSP would offer is actually walking/flying around in your crafts, especially space stations. Like being able to move Kerbals around in your station, go to different modules and maybe even do science stuff with animations.
  4. A few weeks ago i had one of the craziest "dreams" i ever experienced. It was weekend, i woke up as usual. I turned on my computer and decided to play some Apex and then some Kerbal. I played several hours and designed a whole mission when i suddenly heard a beeping noise and wondered whats going on and thats when i woke up. I sat in my bed and i was sooo confused because the dream felt so real. I ended up designing the whole mission just like i did it the dream and the day felt very weird because i had deja vus all day
  5. Damn dude, thats some cool looking crafts! Also nice visuals you got there! Keep going
  6. So of course there is always MechJeb2 which can do stuff for you. Its pretty good for planes too if i remember correctly. For launches, there is also "GravityTurn Continued" which tries to figure out the optimal launch profile for your rocket.
  7. Hello fellow Kerbonauts! Today i released my second video! Its the second episode to a (hopefully long) series called "Kerbal Shorts" Just like last time, it was hella fun to produce this video and i hope some of you guys have just as much fun in watching it! Here it is Enjoy!
  8. Hello fellow Kerbonauts! For the past weeks, i've been working on a small cinematic movie. Its the first time ever i've done something like this and i had tons of fun recording and editing everything! It was also my first time ever using a professional program to edit a video (Adobe Premiere Pro) so there is a lot of stuff i still need to learn! Anyway, i hope some of you enjoy it and constructive critic is very welcome so i can improve for the next one! Thanks in advance!