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  1. What happens then if you switch what fuel you have in the tanks in flight? It just stays with the previous dry mass, right? What if you put in a denser fuel -- like, filling a tank that was set to hydrogen in the VAB, with hydrazine?
  2. By "IFS fuel tanks" do you mean tanks *affected* by IFS, or tanks *added* by IFS? Because for me it's affecting stock and stock-alike mod tanks.
  3. Hah. Just in time to wonder if it works for 1.7 -- I am guessing that it does given those statements about parts mods.
  4. Is it normal for the dry mass of fuel tanks to vary wildly based on what you put in them -- for example, the dry mass of a tank dropping considerably if you put liquid hydrogen in it (and maintaining the mass ratio)?
  5. I have tremendous admiration for KSPI Extended, and I really like using it. I especially appreciate all the different models, the sheer diversity, and the modular reactor + nozzle + generator scheme. However, sometimes one just wants to fly around in Heinleinan / The-Expanse-ish torchships. So I begin to wonder about a "KSPI Lite" edit -- based on my limited knowledge I think this could be done only with cfg file edits... or Modulemanager patch? I went digging through my cfg files trying to figure out what one would push and pull at to achieve something like this , but I have not gotten very far.