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  1. oringinal version (by Beale before changing lincense): https://github.com/Peter-JY/Taerobee latest version (updated by zer0Kerbal): https://github.com/zer0Kerbal/Taerobee
  2. I have a question...... In this planet pack, there isn’t a Kerbin, but a Rhode. But how to make it? In my own pack, I tried lots of ways, but I failed. If I don’t set "!Body[Kerbin] {}", it can be load by Kopernicus, but there is a Kerbin. If I set that, Kopernicus can’t read it. Here is the beginning part of the .cfg:
  3. Is there something difference between NF(Near Future Technologies) and FF(Far Future Technologies)? And will NF and FF be compatible with KSP 1.8.1-1.11.1?
  4. Add one question: 4.If I read the source code and reference to part of the source code (not just copy but change something such as classes) and use my thing in my Mod, is it allowed? (换成中文标表述:如果我翻阅并借鉴(借鉴指截取部分有用的代码并将其修改以适配我自己的Mod)源代码,并把借鉴后的结果用在我自己的Mod里,这是不是协议所允许的?)
  5. Wow! It’s as good as Kerbal Star System! But...... 1.I remember that there’s a Mod that can make other Systems in the center of the KSP (that means the stock system will not be in the center, or means that the Kerbol is moving around another star). Is it in this Modpack? Or isn’t in this? 2.Can it be used in KSP 1.3.1+ (a lot of planet mod can be used in form 1.3.1 to 1.9.1)? 3.Is it compatible with Principia?
  6. No no no! Although it’s pretty good, it’s in the black list of RP-1! It will cause contractions bugs! The wiki (or ADVICE(意思是“忠告”)) in RP-1: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/Recommended-Extra-Mods#8-the-blacklist-mods-to-avoid
  7. Maybe it will have the things that I want to Thank you.(But I truly want Taerobee)
  8. Although there are many better Mods, there isn’t a Mod provides 0.38m Aerobee (I’ve tried ROEngines that tells us it has Aerobee from Taerobee). So if there is any possibility to re-upload the 0.38m Aerobee? Thanks a lot. By the way, I will say that the original writer changed the license into All Rights Reserved in my github page now.
  9. So you means that you don't want to see the Mod is appeared in Github again? Can I send it to Github now? Besides, it hasn't any licenses?
  10. Thanks for your config. But does it have all the configs in @Wronk @theonegalen and @qromodynmc 's configs? and can I put it into my group (e.g. Facebook group)? is it has licenses? No License? CC? MIT? GPL?
  11. Show “ [Warning]: Malformed packet; stated payload length 1760, remaining bytes 1495” Issues on Github #367: Remember to attach the "KSP.log" and the "output_log.txt" whenever is possible! You can find the KSP.log in ".\Kerbal Space Program\KSP.log" And output_log.txt in "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Squad\Kerbal Space Program\output_log.txt" (you probably need to display hidden folders to get into AppData) In case you are using a nighly build of LMP from appveyor include the build number. For example: Otherwise, specify the version of LMP you are using from the github releases. If you have access to the server. Please zip the whole "Universe" and "Config" folder. Also if you are running mods in the server, attach the "LMPModControl.txt" ————————————————— OS: Windows 10 ————————————————— KSPVersion: 1.10.1/1.10.0 ————————————————— LMP version (include the build number if you are using a nighly build): 0.26.0 ————————————————— MODS. Remember that mods are not supported: Must:BDA Multiplayer,PRE,ModuleManager suggestion:Mj ————————————————— Expected behaviour: No any Warning ————————————————— Current behaviour: show” [Warning]: Malformed packet; stated payload length 1760, remaining bytes 1495”when someone joined the server ————————————————— Steps to reproduce: First, I opened the server, then I let my computer joined the server.When I push the Connect button, the server showed these things 4-5 per second. I can give you the .log of LMPServer, my ksp.log and output_log.log, and all the documents in LMPServer(Included all the documents (such as Universe folder)and the LMPModControl.xml and so on). This is the html:Google Drive link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/10Fm_5N8TCRQ0-Rxm7hnFc8J-17sAeE0W?usp=sharing By the way, there isn’t only me in the server, and when someone joined, it will show the same word.
  12. 我把我的pull放到这里了https://github.com/ferram4/Ferram-Aerospace-Research/pull/239 既然是这个地方,那我就翻译成英文后在你给的网址下重新pull一次
  13. 由于一部分机翼模型中不含有与FAR有关的机翼数据,在FAR下使用会使得FAR的计算方式失效,也就失去了安装FAR的意义。我是否可以为那一个部件编写一个适于FAR下的配置文件,之后将它连同源代码上传至Github和KSP Forum? Github上Pull requests #239
  14. And I found that the old version is compatible with ROE and ROC, but the latest version is incompatible with them, and when I open my old RP-1 Mod Pack, it can run,but the latest(just updated some mods)is broken
  15. So can I use it with ROCapsules and ROEngines? I run KSP 1.7.3 with this mods(RP-1) yesterday, but I can’t find some engines, such as Aerobee. Did it caused by this mod?
  16. Why this mod updated to incompatible with ROCapsules and ROEngines? In the past versions, it is compatible. (CKAN told me this)
  17. Can you give the source code of Kerbal Star System to me? I think I can keep doing it.

    1. StarCrusher96


      I'm sorry but KSS will never be revived. I will never allow it.

    2. Peter JY

      Peter JY

      But can I change .cfg from KSS and send it to github( 就是说我能不能通过KSS的.cfg来学习一些内容去制作我自己的星球包,并把它上传到github里面?)

    3. Peter JY

      Peter JY

      such as how to make other stars are in the centre but the Kerbol is just a star orbiting that star

  18. I saw that KSP2 has added a part of N-body gravitation (Rush and Rash), in this, so is there Principia in KSP2? If have, can add the function of change the step of history path in memory(就是说能够自己来调节加载多少距离的历史路径,在游戏主界面或者在存档里能够修改这个数值都可以)?
  19. 请问能不能先不要不更新1.7.x的?作为RP-1的一个Recommend Mod,RSSVE现在只支持1.7.3,而且RP-1还有好多Recommend Mod未在1.8和1.9下有过测试是否可以正常运行 或者实在不行的话在比较醒目的位置留下一个1.7.x的下载链接也好,谢谢
  20. 请问ROEngines和FASA、Tearobee之类的引擎Mod一同安装后能否正常运行,并且在VAB/SPH里边会显示哪个包提供的引擎?还有,ROEngines是包括所有RP-1中推荐的引擎Mod还是只是一部分,我安装那些(或者说是安装ROEngines里没有的引擎)会在VAB/SPH中显示吗?在GameData文件夹中创建NoNonRO和NoNonRP0之后也会一切正常吗?
  21. 我发现了一个bug。我用的是KSP,添加了RP-1和许多Mod,同时安装的是最新版的Principia。打开游戏后显示“The Principia DLL failed to load. Dependencies, namely the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable (x64) -14.22.27821, were not found. Warning: don’t load a Principia save before you have fixed this error, it might get damaged.”我创建了一个新的存档,在下边没有看到Principia的图标。之后我尝试发射了一枚火箭,在导航球上并没有看到Principia的参考系。(我在没有用任何Mod的时候也是这样)。我下载的是Google里的“Principia Frenet for 1.8.1”
  22. 这次更新会在Steam平台上有什么促销活动吗?或许是KSP原版和所有扩展包都限时免费?
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