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  1. I found the issue with this because I also ran into this when I was making a modpack. In AJEExtended/Templates/Exotics/AJE-Exotic-Templates.cfg, it looks like you edited the existing shock cone intake instead of copying it like I assume you intended to. (@ instead of +) @PART[shockConeIntake]:NEEDS[AJE&!SXT&!B9_Aerospace]:FOR[AJEEXTENDED] { @name = AJEE_SQD_SABRE_Intake
  2. I'm having similar issues where engines provide negative thrust. I have an install with just AJE, SolverEngines as downloaded from the GitHub (not the one packaged with AJE), and Module Manager 4.1.3 on KSP 1.9.1. Here are some things I've noticed: The J85-GE-4, AL-31FM, J58-P-4, and J75-P-17 all had negative idle thrust, but moving the throttle even slightly brought the thrust back to positive. Their maximum thrust was less than advertised; these variations ranged from losing 3kN of thrust on the J85 to losing 46kN on the J75. However, I only tested the engines on the ground, so if they
  3. I suppose that makes sense, however I had a much easier time locking in a singleplayer world as opposed to a multiplayer server. In singleplayer I could lock on to a Juno without much of an issue, while in multiplayer I had trouble locking even the afterburning turbofan. I'm not sure if it's an issue with BDA or LMP, but I was assuming it had to do with BDA.
  4. Took me a while to respond to this, oops. I checked both the debug menu and KSP.log, and there's nothing unusual. I should specify that I'm using the multiplayer mod with LMP, and I only have issues locking with IR AAMs against players.
  5. How sensitive is the AIM-9 seeker? I had trouble locking up an aircraft using Juno engines but the Goliath engine was easy for me to lock on to. edit: Just to resolve this, it just had to do with my aircraft design that gave the Sidewinder locking issues.
  6. I tried recalculating the normals both ways (I'm using Blender 2.8, where it's been changed to two options, recalculating outside and inside), and it still looks the same ingame. I created this model basically by making a cylinder, then editing one end to create the intake. Let me know if you need any more screencaps.
  7. I recently tried my hand at making models for KSP. Perhaps I should've started with something simple, but I decided instead to model an intake similar to that of an F-100 or Super Mystere intake. When I load it in game, there are no issues preventing it from working, however there are issues with the part's texture and shading. First, the texture. I attempted to adapt a stock texture from the circular intake, but it's always too dark. I did the UV mapping using the stock texture file, then in Unity I set the material to KSP/Diffuse. I also tried redirecting the texture path to the stock t
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one having these issues. I've made so many aircraft/spaceplanes and thought I was doing something wrong haha. I've asked around in a few other places too, and the general consensus is that the best way to slow down is by ignoring the gear brakes and using airbrakes/spoilers/thrust reversers/drag chutes/etc. (anything to slow your velocity besides the gear brakes) until you're moving slow enough that the gear brakes won't have any substantial effects. This isn't an ideal solution, but it's better than nothing. An alternative is braking for half a second to a full secon
  9. Hopefully this isn't too dumb of a question, but how do I successfully land in FAR with my landing gear brakes? Whenever I try landing and braking with my landing gear, my plane always ends up steering to one side and sometimes tipping over and crashing. I've tried disabling my steering, using a wider wheel base, flying with the FAR stability controls, and using a different mod, Atmosphere Autopilot. Am I just missing something here?
  10. I went and tested all the prop engines, and at least on my install, everything looks to be fixed now. Thanks!
  11. That may be true, however I noticed the R-3350 Duplex-Cyclone and the R-1830 Twin Wasp, both Airplane Plus parts, also have the same issue. Have you tested those engines out?
  12. So I went and changed the name of the folder to AJEExtended. That didn't do anything, but considering most of the other engines already worked, not too shocking. I also removed tweakscale, still had the same issues. I don't believe I have any significant clipping in parts, but the test aircraft I made works fine with the Double Wasp and the 8Aa (as in those two engines provide thrust that make the aircraft move). Here's the test craft though. I made a test install to see if it was an issue with my modded install too, and for some reason it broke the tweakscale on the back tail, but otherw
  13. Sure thing. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N5Y4oI0ppporTnCfaUbLDMTzKOK1KOrq/view
  14. There are a few prop engines that don't seem to properly provide any thrust; it seems like their thrust is somehow being blocked by parts behind them. It's kind of like when you have a rocket or jet engine being blocked by something, and that engine heats up the part behind it instead of providing thrust. I've installed AP+, KAX, and SXT, so I've got those respective engine replacements. I haven't tested every engine (or most of them really), but affected engines include the P&W Wasp, the BMW VI, Bristol Mercury, Napier Lion II, Rolls Royce Kestrel, etc.. It seems like it's most
  15. I haven't seen anything on this, so I decided to make a forum account for this. With the Breaking Ground DLC having come out yesterday, I decided to try to make a variable geometry aircraft. In stock, there are no aerodynamic changes, which i assume is because of stock's simplified aerodynamics. However, in FAR, I've noticed that when I build a craft, having the wings swept back actually degrades high speed performance, as if they were acting like air brakes engaging. To test this, I made two aircraft without the robotic parts, one with the wings mounted forwards (as if they were swept fo
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