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  1. Non, ça ne devrait pas faire ça. Tu as mentionner que l’equipage a passer plusieurs année à attendre : est-ce que ça se pourrait que le contrat à expirer tout simplement ?
  2. I think there should be a kind of archive in KSP2. I mean by that is that I should be able to look at a timeline or something like that, that keep track of the milestones of my space program. So that after a year of playing I can remember that I first got to orbit at this date, in a ship that was named this, with this crew on board. And for each event like that, you can add pictures, mission patch and write something. There would be automatic milestones (each time you first reach another planet for exemple, and we could flag any mission as a milestone if we wish. Civ 6 does that sort of thing, so at the end of the game, you can watch back your acheivements I think it woulkd add a gameplay mechanic that can be optional, but that many payer would want to do.
  3. mmm, deux chose, premièrement l'expérience glairine mystérieuse n'est pas installée sur la photo. normalement elle devrait avoir à peu près cette gueule là Ensuite pour faire fonctionner le capteur sismique, il faut des chocs. Il faut que des trucs s'écrase pas trop loin du capteur que les kerbal sautent de très haut, etc... Si tu as un satellite en orbite qui est sacrifiable, il peux s'écraser quand même assez loin et toujours donner des résultat sur le capteur.
  4. Today my Eve unmanned mission arrive on eve and start a burn to get to orbit. i was planning to use aerobraking, but the inflatable heat shield have less tolerance to heat than i though. So it was decided that it would get a large orbit first with the engine, and then do a little aero braking on each orbit to get a shorter orbit. However during the burn Kerbol got between Eve and Kerbin, so i lost communications, and before i realised that i could still cut off the engines, i burned most of my fuel. The probe is in orbot, but it will stay there for a long while...
  5. As a follow up, i checked last night, and i did have both Nvidia audio driver and Realtek installed. i removed the Nvidia ones, and it seems to work for now. thanks for the tip
  6. -Will there be multi monitor support ? -will tue UI will be customizable (more when in flight. change navball position, put stages where i want on the screen, etc.) ? -why Duna terminator is the wrong way in the trailer ? -are they planning to allow certains modders to get the game in advance, so that there will be mods available on day 1 -will there be weather implemented (from only clouds to winds or rain) ? -will it be possible to build a colony on Kerbin (since colony can have their own launching pad, we could place additional launching pas on kerbin where we want)
  7. i already monitor my parts temperature, and it is very stable. the sound driver could make sense. i play Civ 6 without sound, which could explain why it dont happen in that game. i will check that thanks.
  8. I have this problem. often, but it is random, sometimes it does this after 5 minutes, and sometimes i can play several hours. And i havent found yet a common point, it can happen at any stage of the game, but it seem more frequent on planets. The game completely freeze the computer. the sound bug and i have to restart my PC. The thing is that it started to do that around when i installed Breaking ground, but also at the same time i completely rebuild my computer with new parts, so i'm not sure what cause this. It might be KSP but it may be hardware as well. In theory, my PC should run KSP without trouble. i have 16 gb of RAM, a I7-9700, with an Asus NVidia RTX-2060 video card, and a M.2 pci hard drive. I havent suffer bugs outside KSP, but i mainly play KSP and Civ 6 which take less ressources. What can i try to look for the cause of the bug ?
  9. Today as part of a clearing of contracts that will expired when i will carry my 3 years mission to Eve, i made a multi contracts mission. Objectives : recovery on a space debris orbiting Kerbal, having a tourist trip in suborbital trajectory over Kerbin, getting to the Mun, recovery of another debris there, scanning with a gravimeter 8 points above the Mun, heading to Minimus, put a space station in orbit with a tourist in it, take a lander on Minimus to mine a 1000 ore and get a tourist on the surface of Minimus, rendez-vous back with the space station that will go back to kerbin where it will land carrying the 1000 ores, the three tourists, the two debris and my crew. And after 3 hours of gameplay, i got my space station to orbit around minimus to realised that since i started in the VAB with my lander, the space station built after the lander would not count for the contract, and that since i judged that my lander didnt needed and antenna, the contract would not be achieved...
  10. Honestly I don’t think we will hear much from KSP 2 for a while. I would honestly be surprised to see anything before the VGA in early december
  11. I haven’t see any launch neither i’ve seen them in Florida, Washington and new-york but when I was very young i’ve watch Enterprise on the top of the 747 flying over Montreal
  12. Hello fellow Kerbals. I’m 39 from Montreal in Canada. I play KSP since March 2018. I’m passionated by space. I’ve seen for real 3 space shuttles and a Saturn V while visiting museums. I have well over a 1000 hours in KSP, but since I haven’t read a lot of web pages or YouTube videos before playing the progress was slow and often painfull but now I got fairly good results
  13. Souviens toi qu'un panneau solaire pour les expérience au sol produit une unité de courant, mais que si elle est installée par un ingénieur, elle en produira 2. Les expériences rapporteront plus de sciences si elles sont installés par un scientifique. ça vaut donc la peine d'ammener en mission une équipe complète et que chacun ai sa tâche attitrée
  14. It have to be a specific type of rock. It should be small and not readable by the probe. Once you see it get a Kerbal on it, and right click on your Kerbal. It should read : pick up mun rock. You click on that. The rock will disappear completely. It’s now in your inventory. If the rock doesn’t disappear, you have the wrong one.
  15. Si tu joue avec breaking ground, cette mission devrait être l’experience au sol de glairine mystérieuse. Elle doit être installée avec une station de contrôle et des panneau solaires. Une fois en place il suffit d’attendre et la station enverra des données périodiquement à Kerbin