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  1. Alright, so it was a big week for me. First I keep messing with EVA construction. Keep in mind I play on an unmodded version. The problem I had is that when I was building a rover on the Mun, I first had to unload the main body of the rover, and then attached the wheels. However, each time I tried to attached a wheel, the thing keep flying around because the wheels were placed halfway into the ground. So I designed that contraption. First I tried to launch the rocket with it already attached to the rocket, but it messed up my balance, so I put all the pieces in cargo, and attached
  2. yeah, i've seen the same exact thing. the RCS seems to be ignited (even i had no fuel at all on the module), couldnt save. same command module as well.
  3. you can put stuff on the ground, and then pick them up to build something in EVA construction mode. but outside eva construction mode, you cannot. Put a parachute on the ground, and a regular kerbal cannot pick it up. the only work around, is to have an engineer comming, enter eva construction mode, pick it up from the ground and put it in another kebal personal inventory not really, when i say i rely on eva pack to climb up the rocket, i have nothing else in my inventory. i'm only carrying things down, not up.
  4. it's a knowned and already reported bug. You can drop on the ground items (eva packs, eva fuel, parachute, eva experiment kit, etc), and ground experiment. but once on the ground you cannot pick them up. basically the game deal with anything placed on the ground in EVA construction mode like a rocket part, that cannot get pick up by a kerbal even if you have the space and weight left in your personal inventory
  5. But on an heavier bodies i would not have relied on EVA pack to climb on the rocket. but on minimum it's way quicker to use the EVA suit from point A to point B. if it had been a mission on Duna, i would have prepared something else. https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/27096 in my case the trouble was that the stroage is at the top of the rocket, there's a ladder to go to the base, but there's a bigger part at the bottom, and since it was only a few meters to the ground, there was no ladder for the last part. i couldnt just jump straight because of the larger base, i cou
  6. yeah i did just that, i tipped the rocket over to reach for the cargo bay from the ground. i'm all for weight and volume restriction so that they dont become camels, but you dont desing your ground experiment to heavy to carry when it's a necessity to carry them... anyway, until they fix that, i will adapt my rockets next time.
  7. i am doing something wrong, or with the update 1.11, it's now impossible for a kerbal to take a ground experiment in his hands to deploy it if it has a eva pack ? That's utterly stupid, because you have to store the eva pack before grabbing the experiments and if like me you never put ladders on ships for Minimus, because it's actually easier to use the jetpack than walking, you either cannot grab the experiments in storage, or you get stranded on Minimus because the kerbal have no eva pack on him, is on the ground, and nobody can bring one to him, because two eva pack weight too much for
  8. Today, i created my first Mun rover, build from parts stocked in my rocket, with the EVA building. actually, i realised that i didnt had sufficient power to make the scientific instrument to work, and that i missed a beam or two, so i've sent a second rocket with the missing parts. It's crude a bit, but it's working
  9. Non, ça ne devrait pas faire ça. Tu as mentionner que l’equipage a passer plusieurs année à attendre : est-ce que ça se pourrait que le contrat à expirer tout simplement ?
  10. I think there should be a kind of archive in KSP2. I mean by that is that I should be able to look at a timeline or something like that, that keep track of the milestones of my space program. So that after a year of playing I can remember that I first got to orbit at this date, in a ship that was named this, with this crew on board. And for each event like that, you can add pictures, mission patch and write something. There would be automatic milestones (each time you first reach another planet for exemple, and we could flag any mission as a milestone if we wish. Civ 6 does that s
  11. mmm, deux chose, premièrement l'expérience glairine mystérieuse n'est pas installée sur la photo. normalement elle devrait avoir à peu près cette gueule là Ensuite pour faire fonctionner le capteur sismique, il faut des chocs. Il faut que des trucs s'écrase pas trop loin du capteur que les kerbal sautent de très haut, etc... Si tu as un satellite en orbite qui est sacrifiable, il peux s'écraser quand même assez loin et toujours donner des résultat sur le capteur.
  12. Today my Eve unmanned mission arrive on eve and start a burn to get to orbit. i was planning to use aerobraking, but the inflatable heat shield have less tolerance to heat than i though. So it was decided that it would get a large orbit first with the engine, and then do a little aero braking on each orbit to get a shorter orbit. However during the burn Kerbol got between Eve and Kerbin, so i lost communications, and before i realised that i could still cut off the engines, i burned most of my fuel. The probe is in orbot, but it will stay there for a long while...
  13. As a follow up, i checked last night, and i did have both Nvidia audio driver and Realtek installed. i removed the Nvidia ones, and it seems to work for now. thanks for the tip
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