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  1. Sorry to bump this, but I still don't see the point. Are the slaves only used for receiving beamed power when the master can not receive any power to to facing? Also, I can't figure out how the electric power that's supposed to be generated by slaves when put in electric mode works. Much like thermal power generated by slaves, most of the electric power also vanishes and doesn't do anything. Even if I have something really power hungry like a positron factory, the receivers don't generate anywhere near the advertised amount of megajoules.
  2. How do I use the thermal power generated by slaves in a beamed power network? If I have an inline thermal receiver connected to a thermal generator or a thermal nozzle, and radially attach other thermal receivers to the inline receivers directly, the latter become slaves and their power output shows up in the inline generator's menu as 'slaves power'.' But the generator or the nozzle only use thermal power from the inline generator and the 'slaves power' is totally unused and it doesn't appear anywhere in the KSPIE menu.
  3. When Lithium6 is selected as the propellant for the Plasma Nozzle, it uses Lithium7 instead. It doesn't run on Lithium6 at all. If no Li(s) is present onboard, it switches to other propellants. The ELF thruster and Plasma Wakefield engine also seem to have this problem.
  4. I'm still using the scoop because it nets me more than enough atmospheric Hydrogen and Helium to not only keep a Quantum Singularity Reactor running (and the Antimatter from the Quantum Singularity keeps a much smaller Beam Core running), but also enough excess Hydrogen and Helium to fill up my pressurized gas tanks in just a few seconds. So it's still very useful. But this, as I said, is atmospheric Hydrogen and Helium that's available outside of Kerbin atmosphere (probably because these are very light, I'm guessing?) and not solar wind. We're you able to convert the gathered Solar Wind into something else with the ISRU? I always get 'insufficient storage' regardless of what types of gas tanks I have.
  5. I was ~2000Km from Kerbin Surface, pointed at the sun. At 1x time warp the solar wind storage of the scoop stayed 0/1 for quite a while, and increasing time warp made the storage capacity increase.
  6. I got some time to test this and I seem to be able to replicate this, but I don't know if it's a problem with the Magnetic Scoop or the All in One ISRU. The Magnetic Scoop is able to gather atmospheric Hydrogen and Helium when it's available, but the Solar wind collection is either VERY slow, or it's not working at all. Furthermore, even if I have solar wind on my craft by adding it from the VAB, the All in One ISRU's refinery process names "Solar Wind Process" doesn't seem to do anything with it. Even if I have huge amounts if empty storage for each and every one of the gases that are made from it (Hydrogen, He, CO, N2, etc) it says 'insufficient storage' and tells me to enable overflow. The message stays the same even after enabling overflow. Also, the implementation the Solar Wind storage in the Magnetic Scoop seems a little weird as its capacity changes with time warp (1 at 1x time warp suddenly becomes 5 with 5x time warp). This also happens with things like Waste Heat, which brings me to my next point. @FreeThinker I might be wrong, but it seems that Waste Heat dissipation rate also suffers from a bug that's similar to what had happened with the Antiproton Factory. Due to the fact that all of total waste heat, waste heat generation and waste heat dissipation increase with time warp, the percentage decrease of waste heat that's dissipated in every second of real world time stays the same whether I'm running the game at 1x or 10000x. I don't know if this is intended.
  7. Sorry, I haven't tried harvesting things from solar wind yet and I don't have access to the game right now (and will not have till tomorrow), so can't test. The antihydrogen, however, is something I know. It's made by one of the fuel tanks, the most expensive one IIRC. I think it's called Diamagnetic Antimatter Storage or something. Look for a tank that says it stores uncharged Antimatter. The tank has both a storage for antihydrogen and a built in converter that converts large amounts of antiprotons and positrons into a small amount of antihydrogen and which you can store. That same antihydrogen can later be used to produce large amounts of positrons antiprotons, which can then be converted to astronomically large amounts of thrust/energy.
  8. It requires Hydrogen as well as Antimatter (either antiprotons or antihydrogen). It's not explicitly stated, but the flavour text implies that it uses the protons from Hydrogen as well as the antiprotons. If you're able to get antihydrogen and use that as the fuel for it, it converts that into antiprotons+positrons and the positions are not used. If you have storage for positions, they are stored, if not, they are wasted. If you store the positions, you can use them later with collected antiprotons to make more antihydrogen. Antihydrogen storage is much more mass efficient than antiprotons.
  9. To those people that can't see the Breaking Ground 'Robotics' category : try uninstalling the Filter Extensions mod if you have it (it's recommended by KSPIE). I was having this issue after a fresh install of Breaking Ground and IIRC removing Filter Extensions solved it for me.
  10. As I mentioned I tried 1.7.0 and 1.7.1. I first faced the problem when using 1.7.0 with version KSPIE (which was my first time using KSPIE). Today I updated to KSP 1.7.1 (Breaking Ground DLC) and KSPIE and found that the problem still persists. Looking forward to the next version. And just 1 more thing. I know that a plasma nozzle when attached to the the Beam Core Antimatter Reactor uses only 2% of of the reactor's power, and of course this is also made clear by the description which has a green 2% written beside it. But in the VAB its thrust/ISP/dV are calculated assuming it would be powered by the total reactor power, which gives false numbers. The numbers shown by KER are also similarly false. Is it possible to fix this? It's a very minor thing so it's okay if it can't be fixed.
  11. @FreeThinker, first of all, thank you for this amazing mod. I found it last week, and have really enjoyed my time playing with it. I got into KSP 2 months ago, but only started using mods a few weeks ago. Your mod, without a doubt, is the most expansive one that I've tried so far, and I after the initial learning curve I am finding it most enjoyable. There's one thing, however, that has me a little confused. It seems like the productions of the Cyclotron Positron Factory and the Cyclotron Antiproton Factory don't scale properly when Time Warping. I might be wrong, but it seems to me that even when I'm at 10000x warp, the production rate w.r.t. real world time is exactly the same as when at 1x time warp. The antimatter collectors don't suffer from the same issue, just the factories. To make sure the issue is not on my end, I've tested this on KSP 1.7.0 and now on 1.7.1, with KSPIE versions and respectively, and with only the dependencies of KSPIE and a very few other mods installed (Editor Extensions and HyperEdit). However, as I'm very new to KSP modding, I'm not sure if it's something I did, or some other mod that I should install to rectify this. Also, I think it'd be more friendly to newer players or those not very well-versed in nuclear physics if the factories mention that they need Hydrogen to produce the antimatter. The maximum energy required also seems to he wrong, as the stated energy (only a few kw) seems to be for storing the antimatter, and production of antimatter requires a much larger supply of energy. But the wording on the description says "maximum energy required" which is a little misleading. Sorry for the exceptionally long post. And once again thanks for spending so much time and effort to create this mod for us.