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  1. "Here's an interesting fact: you're not breathing real air. It's too expensive to pump this far down. We just take carbon dioxide out of a room, freshen it up a little, and pump it back in. So you'll be breathing the same room full of air for the rest of your life. I thought that was interesting."

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  2. It's great, can you look at the Muna and Minmus textures later ?
  3. For me important that these mods go on version 1.7 or 1.7.1 and load the system as little as possible. (have potato comp, 8gb ram, 2gb video) Cheers
  4. The most painful thing is waiting ... But i can practice in robotics! I hope I can make the enslaver bot, invader of Plock
  5. So what does it mean, the mod does not work because does not work kopernicus?