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  1. This looks like a useful Add-on to have. You have mentioned "Mono" and "task manager". The "task manager" means you are working on a Windows system and not a MacOS or Linux system. I was not aware that the Windows version of KSP ran on Mono, which is used on the Mac as a Windows runtime for CKAN. Does KSP then run under Mono on a Mac as well and would this work on MacOS and Linux systems?
  2. Thanks, James. I see how it's done now. On the testing front: I have found that the refrigerators are the problem. When I include only one, set it for Xenon, place the power control at 0.5, set the LiqXenon<>Xenon Gas slider to 0, no liquid Xenon or Xenon gas in the tanks, it behaves itself. As soon as I move the slider to -1 power usage jumps to 250kW. By the time I get the slider to -5 we've maxed at 1000kW of power use. The refrigerator says it's offline but it's still drawing power from the capacitor. Not sure what I changed but now I can set the slider ±5%, see the power consumption is 0 on the Megajoules Management Display but the MJ in the capacitor drops rapidly.I will try this on other items, like the cryogenic tanks, which I also suspect of skulduggery. The Y-3000 seems to behave itself, so that's in the clear. Update On further testing of this configuration on Minmus, I find that there is no problem. Everything behaves as it should. I conclude that the refrigerators went to full load because I originally tested on Kerbin with an atmosphere that was acting as a source of Argon/Xenon. It doesn't explain why a refrigerator set to 0.5% power will draw 100% power as soon an input resource is present but at least it is slightly more understandable. It also doesn't explain how the refrigerator can show offline status, there is not power consumption from the DC Electrical System but the power is disappearing from the capacitor bank. I have also not encountered anything anomalous with the cryogenic tanks.
  3. OK, here goes. Direct link or embed code <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/VYSKQEQ" data-context="false"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>
  4. In the interests of seeing this issue resolved, I created a test bed. (Can't seem to insert the URL for my image on Imgur.) Essentially an RC-101 probe core, an IFS Electric Capacitor (with MegaJoules < > Electric charge set to 100), a MX-35 F.L.A.T Fission Reactor, Y-3000 Jumbo Convertor (with everything off), two ISRU Refrigerators with no conversions on and power control set to 0.5% (lowest possible setting) and two medium thermal control systems (off until the reactor is turned on.). (Also included, but very likely not relevant, some 4-way spotlights, two 3x2 solar panels, an inline stabiliser and a Clamp-o-tron.) Without the capacitor the ship has no electric charge (dead ship) when the launch window comes up and the Megajoule Management Display shows the DC Electrical System using more and more power until it reaches several MW. With the capacitor the Megajoules can be seen to drop steadily until the reactor is fired up or there are no MJ left, at which point it reverts to the 'dead ship' state. None of the components should be using MJ since they all use EC. After firing up the reactor the Megajoule Management Display shows 1000 kW of power being consumed by the DC Electrical System. This appears to be the same as other configurations I've tried where the EC ramps up very slowly and there seems to be a very large parasitic MJ (?) load when there shouldn't be one. Without the Y-3000 and the refrigerators things seem to behave normally. The very small amount of power used by the core comes from the EC and stops when the core is put in hibernation. I'll add a link to the picture if somebody can explain to me why the "Insert image from URL" doesn't work (the link goes pink when I try to insert it and the post on imgur is public), or produce further details if requested.