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  1. Anyone else have 2nd item breaking if claw grabs item that is below grade and full of items?
  2. Hello, been playing KSP a bit with KIS and KAS. Im looking into adding more of a colonization or realism to the game I was curious if anyone still plays MKS/ OKS USI Kolinization Mod If so: Does it work with 1.10.1? What's it like? Your thoughts or advice? Or should I just go with TAC, Deep Freeze, Deep space Surface hab? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello My KAS and KIS no longer works with breaking ground any changes on this?
  4. has this changed? I have the same issue this was suggested to me but does not work: this is a fix suggested by: KASA59: " It's no bug I once had this issue in ksp 1.6 All you need to do is go into your game data folder where inside it says "squad" and "squad expansion" and you need to make sure the mods are along side it (doesnt matter what order) like this: Squad Squad expansion KAS (Same with any other mods) And make sure there isnt any other folder called "game data" in your game data folder as the game gets confused
  5. KASA59 Im assuming you have breaking ground installed and the latest versions of KAS and KIS. Anything else?
  6. They are already there. I have already tried deleting them and re adding and updating them. There is no "game data folder" KSP without KAS is not enjoyable.
  7. I have recently purchased the Breaking ground DLC and I also have KAS latest version and KIS latest version. When i disconnect an "old" hose reel the hose disappears , I get the "press Y to drop". I cannot drop the hose connector, pressing Y does nothing, I cannot connect it either. All of the sockets glow in a blue, I cannot return it to the hose reel either and all unused hose reels say connection is not available. If i go go to the VAB and add a new hose reel to a new ship, its all fine. Anyone else have this issue? Or is it just my luck? Thanks
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