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  1. The buoyant force works not only from the liquids, but also from the gases. So how possible is to build bases on the level of gases with density equal density of the base? The density of atmosphere at the sea level on the Earth and on the Kerbin ~ 1.25 kg/m3 . So if we need to reach the density level like water, we need to reach the depth when pressure is equal 800 atm. What do you think about this? I think that it's impossible, because pressure must be 80000000 kPa, but the pressure limit for all details is only 4000 kPa. And also it would be impossible to take off from this depth because pressure is unbelievable and I think that the atmosphere altitude would be about 1-3M KM. P.S. That was written by Russian student that study in 8 class. Maybe I don't know some physics laws.
  2. When I tried to use ion engine(2,5 m; 64 kN thrust in constructor), the real thrust was a lot less then was written in the constructor - for this engine - ~3.66 kN The same thing happens with the "Atilla" engine How can I solve this problem or just need to delete mod?
  3. I'm trying to build VTOL crafts using new helicopter blades from Breaking ground DLC. But always when I'm building it, these crafts start crazy rotation or even don't take off. I know that real helis requires propellers on a tail to kill rotation, but how the physics works in KSP?
  4. When I try to use warp in space while my engines are working, the game says that I must use physical warp. But I can't do this. Is it even possible? I found out that I can do it with Alt+</>.
  5. I can't use any of details like wrench or screwdriver. And also when I trying to connect nodes for rigid strut the game freezes. Only I have these problems or you too?
  6. I need to find a big crater on a Mun and to skan it, but I can't find it. I came to a biomes:South-West crater and to the Far crater(In the contract written that I can find the crater in these biomes), but I can't find the "Big crater"(I found out it's not so big). I tried to find the crater in a game that I started before the releasing of DLC. Can be the problems with viewing objects to study in these games or not?
  7. It's a mk3 cockpit. Maybe these things are antistress for kerbals?
  8. I have accepted the contract to build ground science station on a Mun and to collect the science data of observing the mysterious slime. But I can't finish this contract. I tried to pick up a science module with a slime to a ship, but when I came back to Kerbin the contract still was uncompleted. What should I do to complete this contract? On the picture(there's on Russian) on the marked place written that collected 607% of 50% of data