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  1. Thanks, I'm gonna use some legal cheats on Laythe. It is this valve that able to throw air with unbelievable speed. I can reach about 1200 m/s with only air on Kerbin. Also I have a mothership with about 35000 dV Liquid Hydrogen ion engine from KSPI already on 17000 km orbit of Kerbin( - about 4000 dV) and rescue capsule with 2500 dV to land on Kerbin. And two stage landing module specially for Tylo and I can refuel it about 12 times from saved fuel. I think this is enough but my 2 nuclear reactors don't want to work.
  2. For example, I want to fly to the Jool, land and take off from Laythe, Tylo, Vall, and Bop and back to the Kerbin. How much dV do I need?
  3. Why my Nuclear reactor doesn't work? This is a second technology thermal reactor. Ask something to translate from Russian if you need. I use it on my Space Station to produce Electric Charge and Megajoules for the whole station and for my hydrogen engine. It was built separately (Reactor and generator block + Radiator block) and I did it 2 times to provide more thrust to ion engine. No one of reactors don't work and don't produce thermal energy. Manual restart doesn't work.
  4. I can't see marks of my vessels neither within 100 km nor it has been loaded in 2.4 km.
  5. I have 3 fatal errors on my KSP and log says it is in KIS containers - my disk with logs https://yadi.sk/d/FLP8HBucvEX6og And here's these strings with fatal errors [LOG 10:34:56.748] [TweakScale] WARNING: **FATAL** Found a showstopper problem on KIS.Container1 (SC-62 Портативный Контейнер-рюкзак). [LOG 10:34:56.748] [TweakScale] ERROR: **FATAL** Part KIS.Container1 (SC-62 Портативный Контейнер-рюкзак) has a fatal problem due having duplicated properties - see issue [#34]( https://github.com/net-lisias-ksp/TweakScale/issues/34 ). at error:0 [LOG 10:34:56.748] [TweakScale] WARNING:
  6. Now I found out that thrust decreasing if my electric generators are too weak. With 3 big solar panels it has 0.003 kN, but with the first nuclear reactor in mod it has about 50 kN. I've deleted stock ion engine from warp plugin so it works with usual thrust not depending on megajoules. I just wanted to use this "Atilla" augmented arcjet to my interplanet station and it has nuclear reactor so everything okay now.
  7. I mean decreasing thrust but adding an option to use an engine during warp
  8. I would like to know how to turn off a Warp plugin for some of parts? I don't like this so I want to turn it off on (FNSmallAugmentedArcjet) - name from cfg. I turned it off at Ion engine just by deleting it from folder, but i want to do the same with this plasma engine.
  9. The buoyant force works not only from the liquids, but also from the gases. So how possible is to build bases on the level of gases with density equal density of the base? The density of atmosphere at the sea level on the Earth and on the Kerbin ~ 1.25 kg/m3 . So if we need to reach the density level like water, we need to reach the depth when pressure is equal 800 atm. What do you think about this? I think that it's impossible, because pressure must be 80000000 kPa, but the pressure limit for all details is only 4000 kPa. And also it would be impossible to take off from t
  10. When I tried to use ion engine(2,5 m; 64 kN thrust in constructor), the real thrust was a lot less then was written in the constructor - for this engine - ~3.66 kN The same thing happens with the "Atilla" engine How can I solve this problem or just need to delete mod?
  11. I'm trying to build VTOL crafts using new helicopter blades from Breaking ground DLC. But always when I'm building it, these crafts start crazy rotation or even don't take off. I know that real helis requires propellers on a tail to kill rotation, but how the physics works in KSP?
  12. When I try to use warp in space while my engines are working, the game says that I must use physical warp. But I can't do this. Is it even possible? I found out that I can do it with Alt+</>.
  13. I can't use any of details like wrench or screwdriver. And also when I trying to connect nodes for rigid strut the game freezes. Only I have these problems or you too?
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