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  1. Hello,for some reason when i deploy parts like to build a mining base they disappear. I have a rover that carrys the parts connected to a dropship. I drop the rover build the base than recover the dropship but for some reason the parta i built up dissapeared. In testing it on kerbin im trying to build mining bases working with ground construction mod to try and make moduke colonies and space dry docks. Thanks for any replies if its hard to understand i will make a video to better explain this weekend.
  2. Thank you for the layout ill give it a try today im making a recovery vehicle that can hover and pick up down kerbins and hopefully flip rovers over. Really appreciate the time it took to write all that too.
  3. Any advice on making a Mv 22 style aircraft,i've tried with the buffalo mod pack V22 motors but, cant quite get the horizontial speed to increase and also i thinks its more of a game limitation but the aircraft has no idea how to process the motors rotating in mid air. thanks for any feed back.
  4. Can you use this mod to support a global construction project. I.e do the resources carried and drill work for building global construction parts to make a arctic base for example that would eventually be able to build scout rovers or a mun base?