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  1. @linuxgurugamer @FreeThinker @zer0Kerbal Thanks for your efforts
  2. Gonna park it on my Space habitat for the mean time.
  3. It's a 1.0 hyper engine from hyper drive mod https://www.curseforge.com/kerbal/ksp-mods/hyper-drive made by @Exodus_Solis To rotate the engine, embedded between the "liftatron" and the tank is the "rotatatron" from Infernal Robotics - Next
  4. Good day sir, I got a warning issue on this part, other part are ok so far.
  5. I hit an issue on a part, I think it's the thermal receiver This is the log https://drive.google.com/open?id=1CI36S85oUnRvx7KdGs0d7t262LU2ZOLH
  6. Wow, why I didn't think of it sooner :D, actually, there's a mod that does that kind of functionality, the name of the mod is persistent rotation but I can't use it because it's not updated to use for 1.7.1 up, that is why I use the mandatory rcs instead, and yes it would really nice to integrate it into KSPIE.