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  1. Nice work! I am against surface attachment for these parts, even without knowing about the bug you mentioned. Also, that's quite enough parts for me, thanks!
  2. @ZodiusInfuser I like the hex hub! And for multiple attachments like that I use ReCoupler
  3. I did not have that issue, sorry I only use the basic KK function: adding statics to the game and using some of them as launchsites; I do not use the other features like "aeroplane utilities"
  4. @Ithirahad there are many statics in "KerbinSide Core" (on CKAN) and very cool runways (with numbers that dynamically update based on heading!) in KerbinSide Remastered
  5. @CBase wow this sounds awesome, I cannot wait until you release something stable Currently my experience with precise powered retrograde landing in atmosphere using MechJeb is: Between the deorbit burn and the atmospheric entry, sometimes (maybe depending on starting altitude, or target latitude, but not sure) MechJeb will enter a bad state and start burning full throttle along the normal vector; stopping Landing Guidance, time-warping a few minutes and re-starting Landing Guidance usually "fixes" it Between the deorbit burn and the atmospheric entry, MechJeb seems to be switching between two trajectory models; one undershoots the target and the other overshoots it, so MechJeb is constantly alternating between two opposite course corrections; as a result, the vessel wiggles and does not make any course correction; this can be "fixed" by time-warping to atmospheric entry (EDIT: because, as long as the initial altitude is not too high, any offset can be corrected by RCS during atmospheric descent) Atmospheric descent is mostly unpowered and uses aerobraking (because MechJeb figures the terminal velocity will be low enough?) During atmospheric descent, the "Use RCS for small adjustment" option does a great job at keeping the predicted landing at a few tens of meters from the target However, the braking maneuver just before the Final Descent phase is cut short and does not cancel all horizontal velocity, so I always end up overshooting the target I "work around" this by using parachutes with a carefully-selected deploy altitude (depending on the initial and target altitudes), so that they deploy precisely above the target; it seems that parachute deployment prompts MechJeb to properly cancel horizontal velocity
  6. @ZodiusInfuser I would say that this is too many for my taste (I am pretty sure I will never use the versions with non-90° angles) but I am in no way representative of IR users and it really does not matter that much to me anyway (I can live with a few more parts in my Structural category) And thanks again for working on the hubs in the first place!
  7. Thanks @blowfish for the reply (indeed, I think all my affected vessels had a B9PartSwitch on the root part, so this is possible) Well, your question inspired me to try and reproduce the issue and... I could not I am in the process of creating my own visual pack, taking assets and configs from various mods; I had disabled the Scatterer sunflare to work around the issue So I tried re-enabling the Scatterer sunflare: now the flare (Scatterer default, or other such as Sunflares of Maar) is shown properly with all new and existing vessels, regardless of B9PartSwitch I did not update either KSP, B9PartSwitch or Scatterer in the meantime, so not sure what changed... I will keep tweaking my visual config and post back if the problem resurfaces, but for the moment I am going to take a few screenshots of my Laythe space station!
  8. Thanks @Nightside for confirming the issue! @blowfish I see you already discussed the issue in the Scatterer thread, something related to RenderProceduralDragCubes, did anything come out of that?
  9. Hi! I love this mod and I am looking for a way to detach multiple connectors at once (for a Curiosity-style triple-winch landing) However, the "Detach Connector" option is not available to use in Action Groups, probably because it is a contextual option (it is only available when something is connected) Is there a known solution to this problem?
  10. I am afraid this was already asked more than three years ago: I am looking into the docs and it looks like you can use LoadGame to get back a Game object through which you can then go; however, no idea whether or how this can be called from the Main menu... do you know where I can start learning about the APIs for Unity and KSP?
  11. @ZodiusInfuser Awesome work! I am not sure that 30/45/60° variants are needed, because one can simply add a locked pivotron to obtain any angle; I am afraid that, by not restricting yourself to 90° angles, you are going to create too many seldom-used parts This is just my opinion, because I like having few parts with variants rather than many parts, but maybe some people feel differently
  12. Oh I hope to see that sometimes! Thanks for the measurements! That will make it easier to use Precise Editor and ReCoupler On the grid size choice, I guess Ideally all the parts could be resized to 0.625m, but this would break saves... No idea about what people will more likely want to align with hubs, maybe more stock/structural than rotatrons? So I would prefer 0.625m
  13. @Lisias can you easily check if any savegame contains any of the affected parts? There would be no need for an intermediate release, you could just show a big warning so the user does not open the bad save(s) and link to an explanation about the extra patches
  14. Hi all, I posted in Scatterer thread but did not get any reply so thought I would ask here: does anyone else have issues (for instance with the sunflare) using the latest Scatterer and B9PartSwitch? Cheers
  15. Hi, in case anyone is interested, I suggested a hack to fix the IVA for the Marble cockpit, comments welcome