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  1. So... does the condition for gathering resources depends on current situation? If it just requires the craft to be in the lake biome, it is possible to place the craft near the shore and use the stock drills
  2. Will this feature be available for stock parts or it will require other mods?
  3. Yay, I can finally get to play with this mod again. Thanks for updating the mod and hope it adds custom comets soon : 3
  4. I tried to plan a KEKJ maneuver using the Multi-Flyby Maneuver Sequencer tool. It gave me promising looking flybys but when it was actually done in game it had very different results. Here's the calculated results Input : The orbit after the Eve encounter should have 21Mm semi-major axis with out burning but in game I couldn't get it up higher than 15Mm (The trajectory works if i burn extra 400m/s at Eve peri) So, is there a mistake in my input or is it a bug?
  5. Is it possible to add ion engines? or add engines from other mods?
  6. Is it possible to modify jool with kopernicus to make a surface for it? I dont have a clue on modifying stock planets and overiding it Also is it possible to remove the 250m auto destruction altitude for gas giants by using a plugin? As you can see Im trying to make a landable jool mode and got stuck
  7. This one is the most recent star system pack Kinda old but really big pack
  8. Paste it as a .cfg in the bonvoyage folder right? just to be sure.
  9. Is it possible to alter the config files that it doesnt need the BV part for it to work? Just like MJ2 intergrating it to existing probcores would be more convenient since people usally download this mod after they found out they have to drive 100km with their rovers without exploding. And most of the time the vehicle is launched before mod installation so it doesnt have the BV controller to enable BV.
  10. Um... I having a trouble that custom astroids are creating ludicrous amount of astroids when loading a save which had a long tim warp session ( from my poor understanding of the log file ) which leads to being stuck in the loading screen. Currently running version 1.8.1 ksp and here's the log file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tuL_KNLnJkq1yio4EB9wWgkyetu_WDZr as you can see after line 22xxx it's "discovering" thousands of new astroids
  11. I'm very sorry for faluting your mod and thankful that reading through all those logs and finding out what's wrong, you are one of the nicest guy around here : D
  12. Uploaded on google drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1v3_f8_8WmWpEyMO_fyZGuh3O11oCk_AU/view?usp=sharing If you go back to a non corrupted save and load back it seems to fix it
  13. @linuxgurugamer Found an interesting bug, sometimes if you load the game using this mod it will mess up your level of bulding ( VAB, SPH, astronaut complex.....) such that it makes you unable to eva even though it's a sandbox save, SPH/VABs are acting as if they were lvl 1 also pressing cancle seems to reload the game
  14. There is some graphic/terrain glitches on Nisse's poles. ( running w/ astromers visual pack but i dont think it is the cause ) PS After landing on Hale I can't load up the save ;_; Also if you land on Ovok it does a simmilar thing but you explode if you time were near the surface
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