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  1. Hello @Poodmund I tried chaning the planetMaps.cfg as shown above but it doesn't work I'm running ksp 1.7.0 with scatterer, EVE, planet shine, Distant body enhancment Instead of planets having normal Urlum, Neidon and Sarnus texture it gets replaced by jool texture but OPM tilt kind fixes Urlum and rest stays jool ;_; ( posting this at 4am after 6 hours of tinkering with cfg files I really need your help)
  2. Gravity scan, Seismic scan and Atmosphere analysis doenst seems to give the science what the [x] science says All these science were run three times and [x] science displays its complete but after recovering the vehicle the actual amount I get is less. And even if I run the experiments afterwards science is capped at lower value than [x] science displays
  3. Do you have the files still? I couldn't find any sort of ribbons in the OPM folder
  4. Are there any plans for making OPM compatible with "Final frontier" by adding ribbons for it?
  5. I installed Outer planets mod after finishing a mission which i cluded landing on tekto which is a moon added by opm. Jeb got a ribbon for lading on it but the ribbon is displayed as a blank space is this a bug or just final frontier not supporting opm?