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  1. I didn't check the CoM without fuel this I will definitely take a look at and sound pretty likely. Thank you.
  2. It's a manned flight. I'm travelling at around 250 - 400 m/s at around 5k meters up. My friend just tried a flight on his game and it seemed to work fine though he had some bigger engines and was flying higher up. I don't know if this is a bug or what though.
  3. I built a jet and it flies great. I take off and fly south toward the south pole. Before I ever get there probably 35-40 minutes into my flight the plane stops responding to the elevation controls and just nose dives into the water. I have fuel I have fuel flow I'm creating thrust with my 4 Panthers and my rudders and control surfaces are all working. I can watch them move but it's like the air and lift ignore it. Whether I have SAS on or not the plane can't get anywhere near the southern continent. Does anyone have a work around or solution for this? I'm assuming this is a bug since other peo
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