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  1. I've done return missions to every landable body with the exception of Eve.
  2. Version 0.6 is out (I mistyped it as 1.6 on SpaceDock ). Now the science blurbs are grammatically correct.
  3. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.
  4. Did you get it to work? @Vadym
  5. A new update is out, I added another moon called Tekova.
  6. Great to hear that you like it! You must have a liquid nitrogen cooling system on your computer wow Tekili has less gravity than Gilly, and so will the other moon (which I have decided to call Tekova).
  7. I’m thinking about giving Tekcate a second moon, vote on the poll if you wish.
  8. @GRS Whenever you create a mod on SpaceDock, it gives you the option to a lisence at the bottom of the page.
  9. Answers about what's in the update?
  10. I have updated the mod, check the changelog in the OP for details.
  11. Hello! This is Tekcate, a small, simple planet pack that adds three new bodies to the Kerbol System. Keep in mind that this is the first mod I have ever created, so it does have flaws. Kopernicus is necessary for this mod to function. This mod also features full Science Definitions. I would greatly appreciate hearing your feedback! Thanks to KottabosGames for the review. New Worlds Tekcate- An oversized asteroid (or undersized dwarf planet?) orbiting Kerbol between Kerbin and Duna on a moderately eccentric, slightly inclined orbit. It is the size of Minmus at 60 kilometers in radius, and is a dark gray ball of rock and ice. Tekili- Tekcate's primary natural satellite, orbiting quite to its parent. It is a tiny, smooth, and pink moon even smaller than Gilly. Tekili is roughly an eighth the size of Tekcate at 7 kilometers in radius. Tekova- The second, smaller moon of Tekcate, only half the size of Tekili. It orbits much further from its parent on an inclined, elliptical than Tekili and can be called a miniature version of Minmus. Installation Instructions Simply extract the entirely of the .zip file, and insert the "Tekit" folder into KSP's GameData folder. Changelog Thanks to Gameslinx for helping me with terrain scatter. Download Here License is MIT
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