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  1. "The one thing you want to see added to KSP2 ?" That was a fracking tough question. Spent about 10 minutes trying to limit my response to one answer and I still failed.
  2. Bravo and well done on the last release and the whole game from the beginning! Thank you Kerbal dev teams for not abandoning KSP1 and moving on to KSP2 abruptly. Happy anniversary - Salute !
  3. autostruts and sas are in play! Will try your suggest, thanks! Bingo that was the ticket. Thanks much
  4. Having extreme issue grabbing asteroid with grabber, never had this problem before with grabbing asteroid. 90~ton asteroid. When I grab asteroid (many attempts!), the grabber does grab it but then the ship and the asteroid start doing a kraken dance until eventually the asteroid and the grabber are no longer attached. In some of my attempts, the grabber arm would visually appear to go through the surface of the asteroid before actually grabbing/connecting. Is this a center of mass issues? Any advice? Could this be cause my a mod?
  5. Took me hundreds of hours playing Kerbal to realize this fact about straight lines in space. both in real life and in Kerbal... gravity is the most dominant, powerful force in the universe. Yet gravity is very subtle at the same time. In career mode, for me there is only 1 mod that is an absolute requirement (for career mode): Kerbal Alarm Clock Wish I would have installed Kerbal Alarm Clock from the start of playing. Tis a shame Kerbal Alarm Clock is not in stock.
  6. Really hope the KSP2 parts design style is more consistent than KSP1. Every single time I design a new rocket in KSP1 VAB, I get frustrated with the design/color/skin inconsistent choices.
  7. First would like to thank Kerbal Space Program for prompting my personal deeper dive into astrophysics, space and space history. As part of my research, reading and watching many documentaries in the last 3 years I have some real photos in my head that ring as "great moments for humans in space". 1. The pale dot by Carl Sagan. Just incredible insight and significance of such a rather poor quality picture. Truly a great picture in the history of all human pictures. Personal favorite. 2. EarthRise by Apollo 8 mission. Wow, what beauty and amazement. Prompted the birth of US E.P.A. and inspired people all over the world. 3. Armstrong stepping off the lander ladder. Blurry terrible quality from the camera pointed at the ladder, but man oh man a human first stepping on to the moon! There is many modern great quality photos of space, but those 3 photos were epic moments in human space history. What is your favorite?
  8. The Kerbal KSP1 system is big enough for many memorials and funny eggs. Add them all in! Approaching 2000 hours played in KSP1 according to steam. I still have yet to find any easter eggs besides a few of the Kerbin ones. Then again, I don't go looking for them even though kerbal wiki lists all the eggs. One of the reasons why not encountering eggs for me is the use of Bon Voyage mod for rover trips.. Please please make rover driving (or automated driving) more engaging and fun then Ksp1.
  9. Apollo 11 command module "Columbia" orbiting Mun at about 15km seems the only appropriate memorial for Michael Collins. There really needs to be decal on the side saying Columbia or Cmdr. Collins. I would love to see great easter eggs to all the pioneers of space, starting with Isaac Newton most importantly. Newton was about the most amazing human being and is probably the single biggest contributor to human's achieving space flight. Would like to see easter eggs for: Isaac Newton Johannes Kepler William Moore (The rocket equation) Hermann Obereth Albert Einstein Robert Goddard Werner von Braun - Very controversial due to non-science issues, but his contribution to rocketry is immense. Apollo 11 occurring by 1969 without him seems unlikely. IMHO, Astronauts are much less contributors but still important. So there should be an easter egg for Yuri Gagarian and Laika the dog..
  10. Umm,,, well, there is Kerbal life before experiencing MechJeb and life after experiencing MechJeb. Just wished I didn't wait for 1900 hours play time before experiencing MechJeb for first time. Thanks for this mod! MechJeb breathing new life into my game, keeping me motivated to pass 2000 hours. I resisted so long because "Didn't want to automate" the game to be easy. I still stand by this logic for new people, they should play the game vanilla and learn how to do this manually first. But once you got it down, man oh man start using mech jeb! Its not like anyone in human history actually flies a rocket with a joystick like KSP let's you do in game. There is usually hundreds of people involved in calculating burn times, trajectories, planetary transfers, etc. So in this angle of how humans actually plan and execute spaceflight , using mechjeb is actually more true to human spaceflight then vanilla KSP. Tip for people experiencing stuttering and sway issues under autopilot : Found that really long rockets in zero gravity and/or poor center of mass rockets will sway due to overcorrected steering by the autopilot routine. This autopilot overcorrections causing sway is very noticeable in zero gravity, less so under gravity. Some of my long giant rockets had so much back and forth sway occurring, thought the rocket was going to fall apart. Adding RCS to the nose will usually take care of this autopilot causing sway however, I found a more lightweight(maybe logical?) solution is to simply cut the engine gimbal limit to 50 or less. And definitely only have the center engine gimballed if can arrange.
  11. Is it possible that this mod might be causing the new stock missions with 1.11 "add a part to satellite/rover" to fail? Numerous posts about this bug occurring with 1.1.1 missions, but wondering if all these people have Contract Configurator installed. I know I do. The bug goes like this: Mission = add missing part XYZ to satellite. After adding part XYZ, the contract mission does not update with success/completion status.
  12. The add a missing part for satellite or rover career mode missions are cool. However, only 1 out the 5 missions tried in my current career worked correctly. The 4 that failed were due to the mission not recognizing the the part needed was installed. Taken with a grain of salt due to 50+ mods, but man this is frustrating.
  13. KSP was on my watchlist for a long time also. Making History DLC release convinced me to jump on board.
  14. Space music needs to be done just right to set the mood. Hopes that whoever does music for KSP2 can live up to Kevin Macleod space work. The tracks for KSP1 are superb mood setting.
  15. I built a new PC few months back with X2 NVMe M.2 . I noticed a huge improvement in KSP 1 loading times and VAB performance when large number of parts. Whether the performance gain was solely related to NVMe M.2 is debatable because also upgraded from 16GB RM to 32GB higher performance RAM + better CPU cores via AMD.
  16. Now if Squad would only make the planet orbit lines filterable. Annoying trying to do interplanetary planning and having to visually fight through the planet orbit lines not part of the current mission planning. Please squad, add QOL improvement: Planet orbit lines should be a filterable selection. Not only at the solar level SOI orbits, but the moon level orbits with in a planet SOI.
  17. Contract was to put a heat radiator part on a satellite. Heat radiator part mass is to much for a kerbal. Figured could use the grabber to temp connect the spaceship and the satellite together. Then the Kerbal could attach the part using the spaceship cargo. However, every time trying to use the grabber at 0 m/s and the lowest values for the grabber, the satellite would either go flying off into space or there would be there this really weird connection between the spacecraft and the satellite where they would be too far apart and spinning. I was finally able to complete the contract by having the spacecraft just get close enough to the satellite and quickly attach the part before they drift apart or collide. Such a pain, never again. Think folks(I am for one) are expecting to use grabber for this types of contract/mission. However, even before this new release the grabber has always been buggy physics. Grabber works great for asteroids, but lesser mass object is kraken time.
  18. I was and still excited for this release. After experiencing a contract to add a part to a satellite decided to hold off playing this. Lots of bugs still.
  19. IRL, Venus is way hotter then Mercury even though further from the Sun. Thick atmosphere traps heat in. https://www.nasa.gov/venus So Eve with the super thick atmosphere like Venus should be very hot. Hotter than Moho. https://www.scienceabc.com/nature/universe/surface-of-venus-why-is-venus-the-hottest-planet.html
  20. Better heat and cold handling, Eve should require massive tech to be able to land a Kerbal there due to heat. Re-entry to atmospheres should be less forgiving. Life support( duh)
  21. Ah, that makes total sense now. Thanks. This doesn't quite seem a bug, more of a questionable design decision. Want to raise this item in hopes of fixing this design decision to be consist with Kerbal history and also educate community who may wonder about this contract: Accepted a career mode stock contract to "Attach a new part(Small radiator) to a satellite in orbit of Kerbin". The contract details specified the satellite name. So go into Tracking Station to look for the satellite and there is zero satellites (other then my own found). Well digging and poking around, discovered this named satellite for the contract is under the "Junk" category filter. Seriously, come on guys. This is an inconsistent categorization decision in regards to other stock contract missions for interfacing with non-player originated objects. Not to mention illogical to in every angle of thought to put a new part on a piece of junk in space.
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