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  1. when i press space bar rockets or planes dont stage i have hyper-edit and breaking ground expansion and my keyboard work well but spacebar dont activate anything . sorry for bad english.:(
  2. i need to upgrade breaking ground expansion for ksp 1.7.3 my expansion is 1.0.0 and it needs 1.2.0 how can i upgrade ? and all my mods and expansion does not have any sounds*, how can i fix it ? * 1/2 mods does not have their objects or planets . thats not normal :
  3. i find 2 kerbal size rocks but i can get trought without collision , there is no arrow with debug menu and the numbers (distance from a baobab tree) dont change even if i go to north pole. *edit: thanks now i can have surface features *
  4. there is no surface feature can you help me ? (things like rocks or trees...) all the planets are clear , not a rock , not a pebble ! why ?(ksp 1.7.1) and alot of mods dont work (bd armory , kerbal foundries...)
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