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  1. Yes, power consumption has gone through the roof.
  2. Four legged mech - basically I stuck two of my raptor walkers together to create a quad mech. It has an unfortunate tendency to destroy the runway. Roughly 25 seconds start to finish.
  3. Hammerhead shark using the same concept as the fish above.
  4. This was a submission for the Walker Speed challenge. This version runs about 17 m/s. This was my first attempt at making an articulated fish with stock parts. Not sure what kind it is - maybe a Bluefish?
  5. Thanks! The tail and neck passively balance the mech since they are 90% reaction wheels it worked a lot better than I expected it to! T-Rex is a possibility
  6. By removing excess weight and relying only on battery power, I was able to achieve a sustained average speed of greater than 20 m/s. Highest speed reading was 21 m/s. Time was 36 seconds from start to finish line.
  7. In trying to achieve the 20 m/s mark I had to come up with a completely new mech. I was having a lot of problems with stability and balance due to the high torque provided by the alligator hinges. I decided to add a tail and neck for balance, and voila! Balance issues solved - thanks, nature! 43 seconds from start to finish line by my count. Around 17 m/s average speed - Getting closer
  8. Man that is cool.. 20 m/s seems pretty feasible using this design
  9. I actually did give that a try; the smaller wheel brakes weren't strong enough and the larger wheels were too heavy. I couldn't come up with another lightweight option to provide more friction. But, maybe there is something that I don't know about.
  10. Decided to make another attempt.. This time with an even more lightweight chassis and some tweaks to the walk cycle, including reducing the cycle time from 2.0 to 1.7 seconds. By my estimate I was able to shave 11 seconds off my first run for a time of 1:44.
  11. Sure! Here is the link to the craft file on KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/jmark1213/Bipedal-Heavy-Mech-Sprinter
  12. Here is my bipedal mech walker submission. From start to finish I estimate a 1:55-ish traverse time. Not the fastest but the biggest challenge with bipeds is just getting the balance and CoM correct
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