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  1. Interesting suggestion. I thought I had the latest version since I just got back into the game maybe two weeks ago, but I'm on version I'll update to the latest version right now and see if that helps. I'll report back with me findings.
  2. So I tried another mission today, with a brand new build of a probe, and this time the mun landing registered, but when I splashed down on Kerbin, the splashdown didn't register. But what I did was, before clicking "recover vessel", I went out to the tracking station, then went back to my splashed down craft. As soon as I did that, the mission registered as completed. Seems like it's some sort of bug for the dev to look into when they have time. Amazing mod btw I love it!
  3. Yep it was definitely a probe. I flew the mission twice last night to be sure. I got credit for the Minmus flyby, but the Situation: Landed: under "Land on Minmus" wasn't showing as completed, even though I was sitting on it. I can take a screenshot of the mission window while I'm landed on Minmus if that would help? It didn't recognize when I landed back on Kerbin either. I seems that the flyby of Minmus registered, but both landings didnt (minmus and Kerbin return.)
  4. Hoping to get a little guidance as I'm having trouble with the "Explore the Mun (Probe)" and "Explore Minmus (probe)" missions. I built a probe, flew to minmus, landed, recovered a little science, and flew back and splashed down on Kerbin, but the contract didn't complete. It appears that I got the rewards, but the contract is still showing up as active. Any ideas?