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  1. I use a set of workarounds to make my robotics arms static for launches & hard manuevers: Aeroshells & service bays hold their contents in stasis until opened Through a combination of separator/decouplers & struts. The main consideration with this method is making sure the separator/decoupler is the right way around to break the struts when staged. A secondary consideration is that you'll likely need more than 1 of these to prevent flex in other directions
  2. Ugh, I've just realised I posted this in the wrong place. When you approve it, please relocate it to the correct place, tyvm
  3. Tutorial covers the basics of the UI, how the timeline works, as well as examples & tips to make things far easier to work with. Breaking Ground - Robotics Tutorial on Youtube
  4. [Edit: For the updated stand-alone version of this tutorial, go here] So I started off getting my video recording & editing software back so I could make an animated GIF for reddit to showcase my robotics powered rover deployment system. But of course I ended up remembered how much fun doing videos can be, and wanted to share the method I found that took my programming time from 3+ hours to less than 1, so the 6+ hours I'd spent programming the arm & doing a comedy showcase GIF ended up spiraling into another 8+ hour editing session. I think it's my most polished video t
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