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  1. So finally I got offered a satellite contract! I've kept playing, ferrying tourists around Mun, rescuing Kerbals from Kerbin and Mun orbit but still not a single satellite contract in sight. One thing made me wonder though: I didn't get as much contracts offered anymore as when I started out with my career. Mostly I only had 3 new contracts available at any given time. Cavscout74's mention of the AverageAvailableContracts number made me think that maybe the currently active contracts also play a role in this, and from them I had quite a few (mostly around 12 or so. Most of them generic contracts for achievements like planting a Flag on Mun or Duna, but some also from companies). So eventually I decided to cut down on the number of active contracty by fulfilling some of them, _without_ immediately accepting another one upon completion, and all of a sudden I got 5 available contracts with my first satellite contract amongst them. (An equatorial orbit in westerly direction, so I had to design a new probe carrier rocket for that) So I can conclude, that it seems that the number of running contracts also affects the number of new contracts you will get offered, and (at least it seems to me), that the few contracts you do get offered tend to be from the same type as contracts you already accepted or completed in the past, thus making new types of contracts more unlikely to get available.
  2. Thanks for the information. I'll keep on playing then, hoping for this kind of contract to appear, and report back if that hasn't happened when I built my space station around Duna or so ;-)
  3. This is weird then. I have been to kerbin orbit I have a level 3 tracking station have the Okto and HCES unlocked have the basic solar panels as well as some expandable ones and have a reputation of 61%. I don't see a numerical value anywhere
  4. Similar to the question posted here Does anybody know the specific requirements for satellite contracts to appear in the game? What I have at the moment: R&D, VAB, Astronaut Complex and Launchpad at level 2 Mission Control and Tracking Station at level 3 Unlocked every technology requiring only 45 Science als well as "Aerodynamics", "Advanced Flight Control", "Minituaturization", "Electrics", "Precision Engineering" and "Advanced Electrics" I flew past the Mun with unmanned and manned missions as well as already flew a bunch of tourists around the Mun I rescued Kerbals from lower orbit I followed Scott Manley's "Career Mode Guide For Beginners" series a bit and it seems I have the same technology available as well as the same achievements made as he has when the first satellite contracts pop up in Mission Control - still I don't get any offers of this sort