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  1. Introducing the best plane I've ever made, the Meteor Mk10. At the title says, this little thing has some insane performance, AND it also has roughly 20 minutes of fuel and turns reasonably well at all speeds! It's a little unstable at full fuel, but that's one hell of a good compromise. It can even stay at 1800m/s for a good while before the wings melt! See the steam workshop description for some instructions on handling.
  2. Try offsetting the propeller blades into the rotor itself (so they get pushed out to their normal position in time warp). This will likely significantly lower performance at 1x speed / any speed below the time warp that the blades were designed for. Perhaps pistons could be used for variable offset if you want functionality at different time warps, probably using the largest rotor head. Alternatively, you might just need to look into creating a faster propeller craft. See contra-rotating propellers and experiment with variable pitch propellers and the perfect pitch for your top speed.
  3. After a couple days messing with rotors I've managed to make a 250m/s rotor prop plane! Uses 12 individual rotors with 4 propellers each. Offset the blades into the craft so they still touch when spinning despite centrifugal forces.