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  1. It ifixed it for me, too. The 128 bytes were a game changer Thanks to the staff for fast and professional handling of the situation.
  2. I can reproduce it. I started a new Game, Normal, Career. VAB --> Set a Pod and launched --> Eva --> Jeb is stiff with arms stretched to the side and does not move. Focus is still at the pod, with no crew on board. I can manually switch to Jeb with [. Same happened to an existing Sandbox save-game. Though, I brought there the capsule to orbit --> Eva --> Bill floated as statue away from the capsule, at least he laughed. Nevertheless, I shut down KSP again, verified the game files again and was told that 2 files could not be verified and need to be reaquired. But there was no information when this will occur (I assumed it would be immediately). Version Info: KSP, Windows player X64 en-us. Only the base game, no history or breaking ground expansions. No mods installed. System: Windows 10 Pro build 17134 System type: x64 based PC
  3. Same observation here, same version. No mods, no DLCs. Just set a capsule with Jeb at the launch site --> EVA --> focus stayed on the capsule, Jebs name without portrait still visible right bottom --> switched "vessel" to Jeb --> got portrait but no control. Closed down the program and checked local files, 2 were renewed but nothing changed on the state of Kerbals.