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  1. I love brown dwarf stars in ksp, and this look pretty spectacular from the trailer video... That said, your spacedock download like is broken. This is the error text it gives you: The server could not verify that you are authorized to access the URL requested. You either supplied the wrong credentials (e.g. a bad password), or your browser doesn't understand how to supply the credentials required. I tried google and firefox on two different computers with two different space dock accounts, and it was still being weird. This is also doesn't appear to be a problem for anything else on spacedock. Maybe check to if the link works for you if you sign out of spacedock? If not my recommendation would be to make sure it is publicly published, I say this because if you search for it on spacedock, nothing shows up. Then search for it, logged out of your spacedock account, and then use that link, as it will definitely work for anyone else.
  2. Despite having owned KSP for two years, and having played 1320 hours of KSP. Before today I had never been to another planet, and the only two missions I've ever done are a Mun mission and Minmus+Mun mission. The main problem is that KSP terrain isn't very interesting, so it never seemed worth the (with hindsight minimal) effort to go to another planet. This changed with KSP version 1.8, not only did they add the terrain shaders, they updated to a newer version of Unity, which runs significantly better on my potato computer. Due to the apparent easiness, I went to Duna with a small Nerva powered ship and started taking screenshots after entering the Duna system. The clouds are from a modified version of Astronomer's Visual Pack, all dependents except scatterer (Which doesn't work anywhere near correctly in 1.8) Oh how very kerbal... There is a dog in a collar and a shirt on this rock. Dust storm. No one told me Ike was shiny! The AVP dust clouds are quite possibly my favorite thing I've ever seen in any KSP image. Some nice pictures of Kerbin that doesn't have anything to do with 1.8 terrain shaders.
  3. RSS Constellations still exists (admittedly the download is a little hard to find), although I do recommend going into the configs and turning down the stars' luminosity values, as it is really, really, really, really bright if you don't. (Don't hold me to this) Exomoons! appears to still work with recent KSP versions:!
  4. B9 hasn't been updated since 1.5.x but it is a pretty simple mod, as in doesn't have many new mechanics or fancy modules like KSPI, so it is probably going to work fine with just about any recent KSP version (I'm currently using a 1.3.1 version for 1.7.2 because I can't be bothered to update). The one thing that could break is the part switching, theres a bug in the 1.7 versions that makes it not remove the tanks you switched off of until you click off of the part, but outside of the part switching mods (which when they break, seem to get fixed pretty quickly) it seems pretty stable.
  5. There is an EVE sidebar button that can be used to modify/disable most of the individual textures, it's pretty easy to change the density of the volumetric clouds with it which means that you could have one of the fancy cloud mods, (Spectra is probably worth the melted computer) but decrease the amount of GPU usage when flying through the atmosphere (By far the most intensive part of mods like Sci Fi VE and SVE) without making it look weird from orbit. (This can also make it easier to see) You could also use this to have textures for one planet from mod X and textures for another from mod Y, or to have (For example, because this is what I play with) the from space cloud textures of Sci Fi VE, and the in atmosphere textures of Spectra.
  6. Kopernicus has an option for the Orbit parser called mode, I know that you can use it to hide orbits, but does it do anything else? I ask because no matter what I set it to the orbit is hidden, and I couldn't find any documentation