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  1. Are you using OPT Reconfig? It has some Juno parts, and so does OPT Legacy.
  2. Thanks for the work of all people involved in keeping this mod alive, i'm having a lot of fun with it replaying historic space missions. One tiny problem though, the Gemini capsule PAW doesn't have a fuel cell option. Do i have to change the default fuel setup, or is this a bug? KSP 1.6.1, RSS 16.2 RO 12.7. 1 FASA 7.2.5 eta1: with just FASA, RPM and modulemanager installed, the fuel cell option is there. So i guess RO ate it somehow, any idea how i could bring it back? eta2: Here is the RO cfg file for FASA Gemini pod, according to this i need Liquid Hydrogen and Liquid Oxygen to produce electricity, but i think i have plenty of both. Looks like RO is supposed to add it's own fuel cell to the pod, but for some reason it doesn't. Log eta3: Turns out the RO Gemini config changes the fuel cell to "TacGenericConverter", which comes from TAC Life Support mod. After installing TACLS, the fuel cell option does show up on the Gemini Adapter Equipment Section. So i guess this is a RO problem, since they don't specify TACLS as a dependency, only a recommendation.
  3. Cool, thanks. I know very little about coding, but isn't that exception complaining about not being able to place surface features on Eeloo? If so that's fine, RSS doesn't have Eeloo anyway. As for the battery bank mini, the only way to wreck my saves is if i use the thing, or if i scale it? It's not on any of my current crafts and i don't plan to use it in the future, so i should be safe right?
  4. This is all i've found searching for fatal or sanity check. Is this enough, or do you need the full log? Also, latest MM cache Full KSP.log
  5. You are correct, i mixed up the 01 and 02 cores. Tidal Force is not using dark goo, so it's working as intended. I didn't know a lab could refill goo, that's useful information, thanks. Is it only the OPT lab, or the stock version as well? Also, what is dark science?
  6. Got a fatal error. KSP 1.7.1 TweakScale RSS v14.0 + RO v12.7.1 and all it's dependecies log MM cache
  7. The * key switches between the stock hangar and the extended one. Like i said, it's working perfectly otherwise, as you can see on the screenshot in my original post. The hangar extender icon shows up on the stock toolbar. It just doesn't show up on Blitzy's toolbar or in the Toolbar Controller settings menu.
  8. I didn't have it before, just got it two days ago. So for me it never showed up in the TC menu. just tried an install with only those 4 mods, same thing. So i guess it's not a mod conflict issue. eta2: installed Blitzy's toolbar, Toolbar-1.7.1-1.7.19, when i go to set toolbar button visibility, Hangar Extender doesn't show up there either. Log
  9. Works perfectly with 1.7.1, except for this little detail. Hangar Extender doesn't show up in the Toolbar Controller menu. KSP 1.7.1 ToolbarControl-1.7.1-0.1.7 unBlur.0.5.0 HangerExtender- ClickThroughBlocker-1.7.0-
  10. Beautiful mod, the animations on the rotating/folding parts are especially amazing! Got kind of a noob question though: how do you assemble a large station in orbit? Say i have one with a long main spine, larger in diameter than senior docking ports, how can i attach the spine sections to each other in space?
  11. I would also like to know how to remove waypoints without the waypoint manager addon. As for mechjeb targets, this worked for me.
  12. Is there a collection of configs somewhere preferably with screenshots? I'm currently using an old config ( i found somewhere, and i was wondering where people get their configs from. Or do i just play with the numbers in the settings menu until i'm happy with it, save the config then use it for all future versions?
  13. For some reason the smaller reactor sphere, Tidal Force, from the OPT legacy pack is constantly losing dark goo even though the reactor is off. There are parts on the craft that consume electricity including 4 ion engines and a science lab, but they are supplied by large solar panels and rtgs. The plan for the reactor was to only run it when doing long burns on dark sides of planets or far away from the sun, but it ran out of goo before i could even turn it on. Earlier i was doing test launches to see how the reactor works, then reverting back to the VAB. Later i noticed that on a freshly launched craft the reactor's radiator was already turned on, as if it stayed in that state from the previous reverted launches. But the part info window said the reactor is off, cooling is 0%, and it wasn't glowing either. Is this a bug, or am i missing something?