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  1. You can also select earlier builds and occasionally pre-releases to install with the beta option in Steam game properties.
  2. As I stated, they start undocked and dock upon loading to get around the “Decouple Node” situation. Because of this, I don’t need to use “Decouple Node”. Also, you can see me try again (when the arms start actuating) in the video after manually undocking in the PAW menu and redocking. The action group that triggers the arms moving also undocks those ports, so everything should go when just the arms and panels appear to be activated in the video. Sure thing. I have moved past using it, but I would still like to see if this really is intended behavior. Craft
  3. I would also really like to be able to trigger events with a keyframe. For example: have an arm lower a rover and have a decoupler activate at the end of the animation or just sequence action groups. You would bind a component action to a track and then add a keyframe to toggle/activate/deactivate the option you bound. Maybe a value of 0 would be toggle, 1 would be activate, and -1 would be deactivate. I have a lot of cool ideas that could totally work if only this were a mechanic.
  4. I have encountered what I would consider to be a fairly serious bug with docking ports. Using Breaking Ground, I made a robot arm (Don't worry, I didn't classify this under Breaking Ground on purpose) and secured the end in place with Jr docking ports- as this is the only reusable way to secure the robotic parts. The ports start undocked and dock when the vessel loads or when the arm swings into the stowed position. I set the docking ports to undock with an action group so I don't have to hunt them down and click "Undock" on them. When I tried to use the action group, however, the ports wo
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